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Attention Men: How To Not Fail This Valentine’s Day

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It seems that when the first week of February arrives, men everywhere are scrambling to make Valentine’s Day plans for that special lady. While there is no doubt about the fact that they may have been less stressed had they started planning earlier, we understand that sometimes these things just tend to sneak up on you. Keeping that in mind, we have put together the perfect guide to help you plan a flawless Valentine’s Day even if you have managed to wait until the last minute. Let’s discuss how you can do this!

Step 1: Start Ahead of Time

There are few things that women love more than a well-laid-out plan. If you simply give her a stuffed animal and a solitary rose on Valentine’s Day, she is going to think that you threw everything together at the very last second, regardless if you did or not. With this said, why not take the opportunity to show her how thoughtful you can be? This year, rather than making just the 14th super special, start the festivities a few days early. On the night of Sunday, February 12th, leave a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine on her bedside table, if you two live together. If not, put these items in her mailbox with a sweet note reading something like “This is just the beginning. Xoxo - Cupid”. Believe us, she will melt at how thoughtful you are.

Step 2: Keep the Magic Going

The next step is to ensure that the romance continues. On Monday, February 13th, this means you should have a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to her office. Since it’s not technically Valentine’s Day yet, we would suggest one of our more subtle floral arrangements, cause believe us, there are more flowers where these came from. An arrangement like our Dozen Rose Contempo would be as perfect as it is romantic, but doesn’t demand a ton of attention. It’s subtle, just as these small romantic acts should be.

Step 3: The Actual Day 

You may think it seems like overkill to send flowers two days in a row, but we promise you that the special lady in your life won’t think so. Seeing as how she just received a bouquet the day before, the last thing she will be expecting is to get another. Send her our Fairy Tale Romance Floral Arrangement with a note that simply says, “Can’t wait for tonight.” She won’t be able to wait either.

Step 4: The Night Of

Now it’s time to go all out. If you haven’t made dinner reservations yet, don’t worry. Every woman loves a home-cooked meal, especially when she can tell that you put time and energy into making it. True story, even the worst cooks can follow instructions in a recipe book. A simple search online for “easy dinner recipes” will give you unlimited options as well. Share your meal over a candlelit table covered in rose petals and she won’t be able to believe how lucky she is to have found someone as romantic and thoughtful as you.

Step 5: The Morning After

The final touch to a great Valentine’s Day is to wake her up in the morning with a gift you know she will absolutely adore. Whether it’s a necklace you saw in a jewelry store window that you knew she would love or simply a book she has been searching everywhere for, this Valentine’s Day will be one she will never ever forget.

Need More Help?

If you are looking for different kinds of arrangements to send your sweetheart, simple visit the Welke’s Flowers online store. We have something for everyone and we know she will love any arrangement you pick out for her from our online flower shop.

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