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Beautiful Flowers For Leo Birthdays

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We are beginning a new blog segment on the Welke’s House of Flowers site this month to spice up what we have been covering. If you’re at all interested in astrology you may be very excited to know that we will be taking a monthly look at what floral arrangements are best for each zodiac sign. Seeing as how it the beginning of August, we are going to focus on the most fierce and powerful sign of the planets: Leo.

The Leo is often extremely creative, generous, cheerful and warm-hearted. People who are born under this zodiac sign often end up in leadership roles at some point in their lives as they enjoy living comfortably where money is concerned. This does link to some of their less desirable qualities, however, like the tendency to become arrogant and self-centered at times.

Leos are fire signs which means they are passionate about getting as much out of life as they possibly can. They are often the life of the party, meaning Leos definitely love attention. This will come in handy when you send your Leo companion flowers from Welke’s on their birthday this year.

Let’s talk about which floral arrangements would appease a Leo the most!

Big & Bold

Like we mentioned previously, Leos are anything but shy. A floral arrangement that demands the attention of everyone around is perfect for someone in this sign. We would suggest our Sunburst Buci Vase, because just like the Leo in your life, it is anything but understated.

Especially Special

Everyone loves feeling adored and the Leo is no exception. While the Leo is rarely insecure, your adoration will be welcomed openly when you send them our Because You’re Special arrangement. Let your Leo know just how incredible you think they are and they will surely feel extra special in your presence from their birthday on.

Give your Leo friend or lover a floral arrangement that speaks to who they are this year. With so much thought put into it, you are sure to put a smile of their face and make them roar with cheer. Check back next month when we discuss which floral arrangements are best for zodiac sign, Virgo. 

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