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Boss’s Day Is Coming Up! Have Flowers Delivered To Your Workplace

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You spend a lot of your time at the office. In fact, it is estimated that 25 to 35 percent of all of your waking hours during your life will be spent working. Even if you love your current job, you probably are aware how hard it would be to come to work every day if you didn’t have a boss who works as hard as yours does. While it was first put into place in the sixties, National Boss’s Day has recently gained a lot more popularity and for good reason. People have realized that good bosses do not grow on trees, and therefore, they want to show their appreciation for theirs when they get the chance. If you are thankful for the leadership that you get at work every day, then October 16th is the perfect opportunity to make that known. But what do you get for your boss in order to show this gratitude? We have a couple of ideas at Welke’s House of Roses. Continue reading below to find out what they are.

The Sports Fan Boss

If your boss’s office decorated with memorabilia of their favorite sports team, a gift he/she will love won’t be hard to find. Whether it’s a national or local team, the talented florists at Welke’s can absolutely put together a team-themed basket for your boss. If you don’t want to make it that specific, simply ordering an arrangement that includes their sport team’s colors is an extremely thoughtful gift sure to let them know that you appreciate all they do.

The Workaholic Boss

If your boss always seems to be burning the midnight oil, there are plenty of great gifts you can send them on this day to brighten it. On the other hand, we would suggest one specific gift from Welke’s for this boss who never stops working. A potted plant is a great way to add some color to the office they spend so much time in. Additionally, having a plant in your office is supposed to increase productivity which could perhaps lend to your boss leaving the office a bit early from time to time.

The Gardener Boss

Some bosses already have potted plants all over their office. If this is true of your boss, why not add to the foliage? Take a collection from your team or department and go in on a plant collection basket from Welke’s. Several more plants to add to their collection will definitely put a smile on their face and show that you know all the hard work they are constantly putting in at work.

The Cheerleader Boss

Some bosses are great at cheering on those who work beneath them. If your boss is constantly telling you what a great job you are doing, their graceful manner of leading can be mirrored perfectly with a gorgeous orchid. Understated and great for having at the office or at their home, your boss will like praise you for giving them such a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

The Traveler Boss

In the case that your boss is always in and out of the office, going on business trips or heading to meetings in other parts of town, we have the perfect gift suggestion. A fruit basket from Welke’s is a practical gift that will make it easy for your busy supervisor to stay fed while they are on the run.

Shop Welke’s For Boss’s Day Flowers

Regardless of what kind of great boss you have, the point is, they are great! Show your respect and admiration this Boss’s Day by ordering a special floral arrangement from Welke’s House of Roses!

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