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Celebrate Virgo Birthdays with Flowers

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As you are aware, we have started a new blog series on our site where we try to help you uncover the very best floral arrangements to send to people with specific zodiac signs. Starting today, the month no longer belongs to Leos. Starting August 23rd, the reigning zodiac sign is that of Virgo.

Virgos are extremely detail-oriented and careful signs of the zodiac. As an Earth sign, Virgos are grounded, loyal, practical and hardworking. With that in mind, let’s discuss what floral arrangements will be the best for your Virgo friend or loved one.

Very Particular Arrangements

As we mentioned earlier, Virgos are very detail-oriented. This means that a floral arrangement with many intricacies is perfect for someone with this zodiac sign. The perfect arrangement for a Virgo that exhibits this trait is our Joyful Jubilee arrangement. The sheer volume of different flowers, all flaunting rich berry tones,will make any Virgo feel special beyond belief.

Push The Limits

Virgos are also known for playing it safe. It has actually be said that they are the most careful sign in the zodiac. While we could easily tell you to send your Virgo friend a boring bouquet of carnations, we definitely will not. Instead, we would suggest you send them a floral arrangement that will blow their minds and be anything but safe. Our Summer Sangria arrangement is sure to brighten the day of your Virgo and tempt them to live a little more on the edge (even if it is just for one day a year).

Order the perfect floral arrangement for that special Virgo in your life today from Welke’s House of Roses! You will put a smile on their face and make this a birthday they will never forget.

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