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Celebrating Mother's Day Without Mom

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Mother’s Day can be challenging and full of sadness and longing if your mother has passed away, but just because your mom is gone obviously doesn’t mean she stops being your mother. This Mother’s Day, try to remember the ways she positively impacted your life. Even though she’s gone, this day is still a special occasion and you can still celebrate your mother’s role in your life and look for or create reminders of her. At Welke’s House of Roses in Milwaukee, we’re happy to get you flowers to help you remember her.

Share written memories

This can be in a journal if you like hard copies or online if you’re more technologically inclined. Share it with your family and close friends by mailing the journal around or sharing the document online. You can fill it with photos, memories, and personal stories of her, and be sure to include some of her favorite personal sayings! This journal will become an extension of her and a new family heirloom for future generations to enjoy.

Share visual memories

Whether your children are young or old, this is a great technique to help everyone remember your mom. Look through old photo albums or watch your funny family videos and let yourself feel her presence again. As you’re together with your family, you can appreciate the old memories while creating new ones at the same time. If your children are young, this will help them to know their grandmother for who she was.

Recreate old photos

You’ve written and shared the memories, so now it’s time to recreate a few. Your children or other family members love looking at old photos of your mom when she was in the garden, traveling, working, or even just sitting in the living room with the rest of you. Whether it’s you and your daughter recreating your favorite photo of you and your mother, or it’s you posing in front of a place she once visited, the side-by-side photo comparisons will help you feel connected to her in a special way — and in a way you can frame and hang on the wall. Have fun with it and try to match her clothing, hair, or pose when you take the photos.

Buy her flowers

Just because she’s gone doesn’t mean you can’t still get Mother’s Day flowers for your mom. Our special occasion flowers out of Milwaukee are sure to make you smile when you think of mom. Buy some of her favorite flowers and place them by her grave. Or you could buy a nice potted plant, put it by her grave, and then move it to your home a few days later; it’ll be like having your mom at home with you when you bring home the flowers you got her. If you don’t live near your mother’s grave, buying a plant for your garden or a succulent for your desk is a wonderful way to remember her with flowers.

Set a place at the dinner table

If you’re having a big family dinner this Mother’s Day, go ahead and set a place for your mom. You can place your favorite photo of her at her setting, and everyone at the dinner table can share a special memory of her. You can honor her more by also serving her favorite dish or her famous buttery rolls or casserole recipe. Whether it’s a big or small get-together, you can still have her at the dinner table with you.

Throughout all of this, remember that you’re not the only one struggling with your mom’s absence. Make sure to reach out to your siblings, your father, her siblings, close friends, or anyone else who was involved in her life. Include her grandchildren or great-grandchildren to help them feel connected and get to know her better. They all loved your mom like you did, and creating situations for everyone to honor her now lets her continue to bring you all together — just like she always did. Reach out to us and buy some flowers or a plant to remember her today.

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