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Facts About Orchids

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There are a lot of people out there who may not know a lot about flowers, their origins or the best growing conditions. But each flower, whether it’s roses, daisies, or tulips, has its own story. In today’s post, we’re going to be highlighting the amazingly complex and beautiful orchid. There have been many stories written and even movies made about this flower, but how much do you really know about it? The soft colors and gentle curve of the petals make the flower enticing, so let’s dive in and learn all about this wonderful flower.

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The Largest Family of Flowering Plants

Take a step back in history to when the continents were still one giant landmass. Many florists believe that because different varieties of orchids are found all over the world, that they existed during this time. This makes the orchid one of the oldest and largest family of flowers in existence. If you’re looking for a flower that represents long-lasting love, this would make a great story to tell the person your delivering flowers to.


That’s a pretty big number, right? Well, it’s the number of different orchid species! These include the Arundina, Prosthechea cochleata, Tiger orchid, Catasetum orchid, Epidendrum orchid, and, of course, thousands more! Another fun fact: there are more orchid species than there are birds and mammals!

Not Just a Tropical Plant

Many gardeners are nervous to try to grow orchids because they were originally thought to be just a tropical plant. However, greenhouses and flower delivery services are full of orchids now! Orchids are grown around the world and there are various meanings and customs surrounding the flower depending on the culture.

The World’s Smallest Orchid

Measuring in at just 2mm, or .008 inch, an orchid that is part of the Platystele genus, is the smallest orchid in the world. It was found in Ecuador and still doesn’t have a species name! The petals of the plant are so small that they are actually transparent! Unfortunately, our flower delivery service doesn’t have this variety of flower.

The Beautiful Flower Starts With a Small Seed

In fact, orchids have the smallest seeds in the world. This is one of the reasons why orchids are so challenging to grow and cultivate. Because they take such a long time to sprout and turn into a plant (some take between five and seven years to flower), it takes a very patient gardener to grow orchids.

The Seeds Might be Small, But There Are a Lot of Them

There can be around three million seeds in just one pod. Orchid seeds are so tiny you need to have a microscope to see them! They are so small because they don’t have an endosperm. To germinate, the seeds need a certain type of fungus.

It Takes Patience, But Has a Big Reward

Once a plant does mature, it can last up to 100 years! Even though it takes time, patience, and attention to grow an orchid, it will be a life-long friend.

They Have a Short Bloom

After waiting so long for the plant to flower, you may only see it flowering for a matter of hours! On the other hand, there are some varieties that can flower for up to half a year. The Phalaenopsis species is most commonly seen in flower shops because the flowers last longer than most in an arrangement.

The orchid is a wonderfully fascinating type of flower, which makes them a great choice to send to a loved one or family member. With Welke’s flower shop, you can be confident that our flower delivery service will bring a beautiful arrangement to someone you know in Milwaukee and the surrounding cities.

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