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Make 'em last as long as possible!!

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What is wrong with this picture??? 

So you got your flowers now what???  Following these few simple rules will help you keep your flowers fresh so they last and you can enjoy them as long as possible. 

1. Check your flowers daily. 

  • Keep your vase {or container} full of fresh water. We recommend changing the water every 2-3 days.
  • Flowers are susceptible to bacteria that builds up by the stem sitting in the water. Changing the water will prevent bacteria from collecting and will avoid any unpleasant odors.

2. Trim/Re-Cut your Stems.

  • Every few days you should remove the flowers from the vase and cut 1/2-3/4" off each stem.
  • This should be done with a CLEAN SHARP BLADE on an angle. A scissors is not a clean sharp edge!!! As a matter of fact, if you cut the stems with a scissors it pinches the stem and doesn't allow water to get to the head of the flower, causing it to droop over.
  • Have you heard of the "5 Second Rule?" This applies to flowers as well. After you cut it, get it into the water within a few seconds to avoid air getting into the stem. Again, this helps prevent drooping heads.

3. Change the H2O and add flower food.

  • Your local florist would be more than happy to provide you with commercial flower food, however, if you can not get there you can follow this simple recipe... 2 tablespoons of something sweet {sugar} and 1 tablespoon of something sour {lemon juice}. Mix that up and add it to the water .... and Voila!!! You have your own flower food!

4. Keep your flowers away from bright lights, heat, and cold drafts.

  • Most flowers prefer temperatures between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 22 degrees Celsius).
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Sun and heat encourages peak growth and will cause the flowers to open faster.

There you have it! Now time to practice. Run to Welke's today {after all it is 50% off Cash & Carry Friday Flower Day} and get some flowers!


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