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Meanings of Different Rose Colors

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There are several flower arrangements that will make a great impression on Valentine’s Day, but roses may be the flower that takes the cake. When you call up our flower delivery service, or place an order online, we can assure you that we will create an exceptional bouquet for the one you love. We’ll also make sure that you’re sending the right message with your flowers. Depending on the colors in your bouquet, there could be a variety of meanings. To help you make the best choice, here is a breakdown of what different colored roses represent.

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Red Roses

Whether you’re ordering flowers to be delivered or if you want to present them yourself on Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance that you’ll go straight for red roses. They have a classic meaning and an ever impressive look when combined with simple layers of baby’s breath. Most people are already aware that red roses represent love and romance, but dark red can also represent an unconscious beauty, making it an even better arrangement.

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Pink Roses

The soft color of pink roses may not be quite as impressive as red, but they are just as special and romantic. If you want to show someone that you truly care about them, pink roses will show admiration, joy, and sweetness. They also mean gentleness, grace, and happiness. If you’re bursting with joy about being with someone truly amazing, pink roses are a fantastic choice.

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Yellow Roses

If you want to tell someone you love them, yellow flowers may not be a good choice. Yellow roses are bright and cheerful, but may give the receiver the impression that you care more about their friendship rather than their love. The positive thing about yellow roses is that they can be combined with pink and red for a bouquet that shows the power of friendship as well as true love.

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White Roses

When using white roses, you should be cautious about what you want to say with the bouquet. White represents purity, innocence, and charm and these flowers are often used in weddings. They can also express remembrance and innocence, which may just the message for some occasions, but may not be what you want to say on Valentine’s Day.

Flower Delivery Service MilwaukeeOrange Roses

An orange rose has a special power and meaning that is not unlike red, but there is a certain distinction that needs to be made. Orange expresses energy, enthusiasm, desire, and excitement. Words like these may be seen as a step beyond love, adding an ever important factor — passion. When you want to express just how amazing your love is, orange will bring some life and spirit to the message.

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Lavender Roses

Do you believe in love at first sight? Were you so taken aback at seeing your loved one for the first time that you instantly fell in love? If so, include lavender flowers in your bouquet, the flower of enchantment. The soft purple color will express your romantic feelings and how you want to see the relationship grow. What’s more romantic than that?

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Peach Roses

Another color that requires some caution when creating a Valentine’s Day bouquet. Peach is used to show appreciation and gratitude, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing to say, just maybe not on this romantic occasion. If you’re celebrating a long relationship, you could consider including a peach rose along with other colors to say, “Thank you for spending your years with me.”

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Green Roses

Green is also another color that may be better included with other colors for a Valentine’s Day bouquet. Green represents life, growth, and renewal or energy, making it a perfect partner for the peach rose. You can say thank you for spending the previous years with me, while also looking forward to more years of growing love.

Be sure that you’re sending the right message on Valentine’s Day and call our flower delivery service for expert advice and guidance. Whether you create a custom bouquet or shop through our Best Sellers or Anniversary/Love arrangements, you can be confident that you’re giving a bouquet with the perfect meaning.

If you live in the Milwaukee, Brookefield, Elm Grove, or Wauwatosa area, visit one of our flower shops and order the perfect bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Our flower delivery service will ensure that your arrangement is delivered on time and in perfect shape.

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