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Scorpios Require A Certain Type of Birthday Floral Arrangement

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If you have a Scorpio in your life, you probably already know it as the Scorpio is one of the most distinct signs of the zodiac. This is due to their stubborn and often, boisterous nature. They are also some of the most ambitious and decisive people you will ever know as well, making gift giving a little more difficult. After all, Scorpios know what they want and they normally will go after it once they determine what that is.

Let’s talk a bit more about what Scorpios are like:

Scorpio Strengths:

  • They are often innovative and resourceful.
  • They appear fearless and are one of the bravest signs.
  • They do everything in their lives with passion. Whether regarding romance or career, they give their all.
  • You can always rely on a Scorpio to be a good friend who would drop anything for those close to them.

Things Scorpios Like:

  • Truth and Facts
  • Being Right
  • Teasing

Keeping these characteristics in mind, let’s discuss some of the better choices you can make when you are choosing a floral arrangement from Welke’s House of Roses for your Scorpio friend or loved one.

Arrangements That Exude Power

As we mentioned before, Scorpios can be power hungry from time to time and they know this about themselves. They are very much about keeping up appearances and making sure that the way they appear impresses those around them. Something like our Blushing Beauty bouquet, filled with powerful-looking statement flowers will please your Scorpio. They will love that this bouquet remains subtle while also demanding attention, just like them.

Arrangements That Show Your True Feelings

Scorpios appreciate genuine human emotion and they love knowing how people feel about them. While they may not be the best at openly conveying their own emotions, they find something very comforting in people who are willing to be open, honest and above all, vulnerable. This means that you don’t have to be shy when it comes to the floral arrangement or the card you write to them for their birthday. We would suggest our Beauty N’ Bliss floral arrangement for this secretly romantic sign. Flowers are simply a great way to convey your emotions, especially for those who aren’t used to being open about their true feelings.

Arrangements That Are Unique

Scorpios are anything but typical. Their unique style and personality naturally draws others to them like a magnet, making an original floral arrangement the perfect gift for them. A good choice for your unique Scorpio would be our Imagination Blooms arrangement. This lovely assortment of asiatic lilies, orchids and roses is paired with tropical greenery, making it unlike any of arrangement in our store. A Scorpio will appreciate all of the time and thought you put into picking out the perfect arrangement that is one-of-a-kind, much like themselves.

Scorpio birthdays last from October 23rd until November 21st. Don’t forget to send the Scorpio in your life a lovely arrangement for their birthday this year. They will love that you thought of them.

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