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Sympathy Flowers 101: What You Need To Know

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Navigating condolences after a death, loss, or other tragedy or challenge can be difficult. Here at Welke’s House of Roses, we recognize that. We want to help you offer your sympathy and condolences through our flower delivery service in Milwaukee.

In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss different aspects of sympathy flowers that will come in useful as you offer condolences to your friend or family member.

Include A Heartfelt Note

Whether you’re trying to comfort someone who has lost a family member, job, pet, or anything else, a heartfelt note will speak volumes. It may seem like a small thing, but that note will remind your friend or family member that you care and you’re there for support.

When you get flowers delivered, your local flower shop can include a note. Otherwise, you can mail a letter or take one with you to the funeral services if there was a death.

Choose The Right Flowers

Though your grieving friend will surely be grateful for any flower delivery you send, there are certain flowers that are more appropriate and standard for sympathy flowers.

  • Carnation - This traditional Mother’s Day flower is significant for someone who was a great mother during her time on Earth.
  • Chrysanthemum - This flower is most often associated with get-well-soon wishes; it is, however, often used for funeral flowers as well. If you have a friend who was just diagnosed with a disease or you’ve had a recent death in the family, chrysanthemums will show you care while also offering condolences.
  • Forget-Me-Not - This little blue flower is delicate and simple, exactly what someone who is grieving can appreciate. The name of the flower explicitly alludes to its meaning, which makes it an emotional sympathy flower. Gently reminding your loved one, through flowers, to remember whoever has passed on is vital for healing and happiness.
  • Hyacinth - Purple hyacinths symbolize sorrow and regret. There is a time for toughening up and getting through the hard times, but sorrow represented by the hyacinth, also has its time.
  • Lily - Lilies most often symbolize renewal and rebirth, which is why lilies are associated with Easter. For this reason, lilies are emotionally significant sympathy flowers because they convey a message of hope and healing.
  • Rose - Roses can symbolize different emotions depending on color, but one thing is for certain: a flower delivery of roses will always show that you care.

When you’re looking to send flowers to a grieving friend or family member, you have several options:

  • Wreaths for the memorial service - Many funeral homes set up wreaths next to the casket, so you can help out with the ceremony and offer condolences by providing a wreath for the funeral service.
  • Potted plants or bouquets for the home - Hiring a flower delivery service to deliver flowers straight to your friend or family member’s home will be a welcome gift. A potted plant will also continue to grow long after a funeral or other emotionally difficult event.
  • Sympathy bouquets for the ceremony - Fresh-cut flowers, such as any of the previously mentioned sympathy flowers, can be placed on the grave when you’re at the burial.

Are you in need of funeral flowers, sympathy flowers, or more? Our local flower delivery has you covered. Reach out to Welke’s House of Roses today for flower delivery service in Milwaukee.

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