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Valentine’s Day History & Gifts For Your Man At Welke’s

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There is a very prevalent thought that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that was made up by greeting card companies, florists and candymakers. While most people think this tends to be a more common opinion of those who are single, many people who are in relationships also tend to think the same. While this thought is widely spread, this actually isn’t the case. Let’s talk about how Valentine’s Day came to be.

Starting from the beginning…

The idea of Valentine’s Day began a very long time ago. Starting in ancient Rome, the Festival of Lupercalia, which was a fertility celebration held in February. Around 496, Pope Gelasius I decided to transform this Pagan festival into a Christian feast day. Also in Rome, Saint Valentine was being imprisoned because he had been performing wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were not allowed to be wed. He was then sentenced to be executed. However, before he died, he wrote a letter to the daughter of his jailer, which he signed “Your Valentine”. Later on in the mid-1800s, the holiday began being observed in the United States in reference to the famous saint.

Valentine’s Day Today

In today’s world, Valentine’s Day is observed by many all over the world. People send their loved ones candy, flowers, cards and more to show them how much they are adored. When it comes to buying gifts for a lady on Valentine’s Day, men tend to have it pretty easy. A beautiful bouquet of roses and a nice dinner will make her heart soar. However, when it comes to buying a V-Day gift for a man, this isn’t quite as easy.

So what should you buy your man this Valentine’s Day?

If you have been struggling to figure out what you should buy your man this Valentine’s Day, first of all, we’re happy you’re already thinking about it. While you may think that flowers aren’t something he will enjoy, men actually might get a lot of joy out of receiving a blooming plant for the holiday. Every kind of office space can be improved by having a plant that lives in it. We would suggest that you send him something like Welke’s Amazing Arboricola Plant or Bromeliad Beauty Plant. Pair it with that new video game that he can’t stop talking about or a brand new wallet and he will be ecstatic about Valentine’s Day.

Need More Help With A Gift For Your Man This V-Day

It is often a struggle finding the right gift for someone who you are so deeply in love with, we know Valentine’s Day poses an even more difficult challenge. Seeing as how the holiday is only a month and a half after Christmas, you may be entirely out of ideas. Keeping this mind, we would suggest that you take a look at our online selection of flowers and plants at Welke’s House of Roses. If you need additional help finding the right gift for you man, you can also stop into our location in Milwaukee today and we can help you in no time!

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