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Welke's teaches kindergarteners about flowers!

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Yesterday, we had the pleasure of teaching kindergarteners at General Mitchell Elementary School (in West Allis) about flowers and floral design. We wanted to share some of the fun with all of you!

(Nikki Lemler prepares to teach our first class of the day)

One of the most enjoyable things we do as florists is to teach workshops. Not only is teaching a nice variation from our normal routine, but it’s also a lot of fun to share our knowledge and passion with the public!

The kids enjoyed learning about flowers, flower care and floral design. Here are a couple of the fun facts we shared with them:

--Don’t cut flower stems with a scissors. It damages the stem by pinching the follicles that soak up water. Instead, cut stems with a sharp knife (let an adult do it, of course!) or a special floral stem cutter.

--You can make “flower food” at home in a pinch. Simply mix two tablespoons of something sweet (sugar, etc.) with one tablespoon of something sour (lemon juice, vinegar, etc.) and add into your vase of fresh water.

Maybe we had a future florist in the audience. You never know :) Thanks to General Mitchell Elementary School for hosting us and to the kids for being such a fun audience!

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