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What You Can Do For Your Child's Teacher This Teachers' Day

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Your child’s teacher has been a figure for good in your child’s life this school year, so what better time to show your appreciation than with a gift for Teachers’ Day? May 8 is Teachers’ Day this year, but if you don’t have a gift planned yet then there is no need to worry! Our blog today will discuss simple, easy-to-do gifts for your child’s teacher that are still thoughtful.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your first-grader’s teacher or for the teacher of your high school student, the most important thing is that it represents your gratitude. Flowers for the special occasion will always do the trick, but read on for other creative ideas. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, order flowers online from Welke’s House of Roses.

An Assortment Of Sweet Treats

Assorted chocolates are a pleasant surprise with every bite. A bag of Cream City bourbon glazed cinnamon pecans, Cream City salted vanilla caramels, or Fazio’s drizzled caramel corn is sure to do the trick. Whether the treat is combined with a thoughtful floral arrangement or not, it’ll still bring a smile to the teacher’s face.

A Gift Basket

An apple on the desk of your child’s teacher may not be quite enough anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send a basket of apples! Gourmet baskets could have assorted fruits, be loaded with junk food, or have plenty of snacks to keep the teacher going all day long. To show you care and are grateful for your child’s teacher’s service, send a personalized gourmet basket.

Floral Arrangements

Who doesn’t love being surprised with beautiful bouquets? Add in a personalized note, and your child’s teacher will feel appreciated this Teachers’ Day. Whether it’s a bouquet of roses, lilies, or daisies, the teacher will enjoy having it on his or her desk during the week. However, you could even purchase a succulent or other plant that will last longer and grace your child’s teacher’s desk for the duration of the school year (and longer). We even have air plant terrariums to give your favorite teacher a plant that doesn’t need much upkeep.

The Gift Of Relaxation

Is your child’s class particularly rowdy? If it is, your child’s teacher is surely in need of some relaxation. Bath bombs and naturally exfoliating loofah bars will help him or her to relax after a long day in the classroom. When flowers don’t seem like quite enough to show your gratitude, throw in some soothing bath products to seal the deal.

School Supplies

What teacher isn’t in need of more school supplies? A homemade gift basket of pencils, paper, whiteboard markers, and sticky notes, just to name a few options, will show thought on your part and make your child’s teacher feel special. The gift can be as big or as small as you like, and you can personalize it when you ask your child what school supply there never seems to be enough of in the classroom.

Nothing shows gratitude quite like a floral arrangement and heartfelt card do. Order flowers online today for your child’s teacher, and try one of these other creative ideas along with it!

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