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Your Thanksgiving Floral Centerpieces are at Welke’s in Milwaukee

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If you are going to be the host or hostess of this year’s family Thanksgiving feast, you are likely very focused on the menu first and foremost. We get it, the meal that is served on Thanksgiving is by far the most important aspect of planning, well besides ensuring that all of your family and friends will be present, of course. On the other hand, with so much to remember, it’s likely that you may forget something incredibly important, something like a floral centerpiece. Adding some festive decor to your Thanksgiving table is sure to make the space much more welcoming and enhance the overall ambiance. Considering everyone will be spending the most time sitting at the table, a centerpiece made with beautiful and fragrant flowers is the perfect touch. It’s not just as simple as deciding you want a centerpiece, however, you must decide what type of Thanksgiving centerpiece will fit in best with the day of gratitude that you are planning.

Candle Centerpieces

There aren’t many things that are more classic in a centerpiece than candles. Depending on the colors in the flowers as well as the color candles in the arrangement, you can achieve many different ambiances. By choosing a centerpiece that contains pillar candles, you can make your table look beyond classic. Illuminate your table and the guests’ faces with something like our Delight-fall Centerpiece or our Family Gathering Centerpiece for fall colors and a warm glow.

Modern Centerpieces

Just because Thanksgiving is a rustic holiday that goes all the way back to 1961, doesn’t mean that you can’t put a modern twist on it. If you are wanting to bring Thanksgiving to 2017 this year, we have the perfect centerpiece for you. Our Rustic Autumn Centerpiece is small, understated, but sure to also draw the eyes of your guests. With an array of yellow and orange flowers that ranges from roses to lilies to more, this is the perfect centerpiece to offset classic white dinnerware. Skip the fancy Wedding China this year and opt for something a bit more contemporary.

Cornucopia Centerpieces

If there is a symbol that most people associate with Thanksgiving, it’s likely a cornucopia. While the majority you see are filled with vegetables from the fall harvest, we prefer our cornucopias to be filled with gorgeous fresh flowers. Our Captivating Cornucopia centerpiece contains lovely fall colors in the form of some our favorite blooms such as sunflowers and daisies. Your guests are sure to be impressed with how appropriate and perfect this centerpiece is for this special holiday.

Fall Garden Centerpieces

Want something a little different for your Thanksgiving table this year? We have the perfect centerpiece for you as well. Consider our Fall Bamboo Garden Centerpiece Box. This arrangement contains roses, lilies and even succulents, all in wonderful festive fall colors. We like to think that this centerpiece is the perfect choice for a family that considers itself a bit eccentric.

Pumpkin Centerpieces

If you didn’t have your fair share of pumpkins last month, you can keep the theme going all the way through November when you invest in our Fall Workshop Centerpiece. A petite pumpkin serves as a vase full of sunflowers, roses, and more. You may even want to purchase three or four of these smaller centerpieces so that you can have them evenly placed throughout your dining table.

Shop Thanksgiving Floral Centerpieces at Welke’s

We have a large and lovely selection of Thanksgiving Day Floral Centerpieces at Welke’s House of Roses in Milwaukee. Check out your options right now and purchase the perfect one for you and your family’s Thanksgiving celebration!

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