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7 Gifts For Your Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships may be good for your career, personal life, or even communication with your partner, but there’s no denying that being apart is hard and can even damage your communication. Don’t worry — you’ll get through it.

Whether your significant other is in Milwaukee for family commitments, school, work, an internship, or another long-term reason, the time you spend apart can be challenging to say the least. A flower delivery service can make the distance seem surprisingly shorter. A simple flower delivery to say “I’m thinking of you” or “I miss you” can make all the difference to your partner. Here at Welke’s House of Roses, we’re a reliable flower delivery service in Milwaukee and we can help your other half feel your love. We offer same-day flower delivery so you can get your gift there right in time. Check out our blog today for seven gifts you could send to your partner living in the Milwaukee area.

Bouquet of Roses

Who doesn’t love opening their door and finding a delivery of fresh roses? Or what about a rose delivery finding its way to your desk when you’re at work? A bouquet of roses is a simple, heartfelt way to show your love when you’re away from your significant other. Make sure to check for a freshness guarantee when you order rose deliveries!

“Open When” Letters

For you romantics out there, this long-distance gift should do the trick. Mail a stack of letters meant for different situations. For example, letters for “when you’re mad,” “when you miss me,” “when you need a happy memory,” or “when you’re stressed” could all be good options. This will allow your significant other to feel your support no matter how far away you are.

Fruit Basket

Nothing says “you’re the apple of my eye” quite like a basket full of apples and other fruit. Fruit baskets may not immediately seem like the perfect gift for your significant other in Milwaukee, but, honestly, who wouldn’t love a basket full of fruits and other goodies delivered to their door? Don’t worry, though — we can help you out with chocolate gift baskets and other tasty treats, too.

Countdown Clock

You both obviously know when you’re going to see each other next — you’re practically counting down the days! Why not actually count down the days? Send a clock with a countdown, a calendar for your partner to cross off days, or a countdown chain.

Floral Arrangement

Order a floral arrangement with your partner’s favorite flowers or with a vase you know they’ll love. There’s no need to stress about not going to your local florist; simply search for a flower delivery service in Milwaukee! At Welke’s House of Roses, we’ll get those flowers delivered.


A scrapbook, photobook, or photo in a frame will help your partner keep you in sight and mind, even if you’re not physically there. Choose some of your favorite photos or print photos of some text messages and emails you’ve sent while being apart!


Let your love grow when you send a houseplant to your loved one in Milwaukee. Whether it’s an orchid, dish garden, pot of succulents, or any other houseplant, this will show you care and give your partner a visual reminder of your love each day.

Ready to show your other half some love from across the country? Count on Welke’s House of Roses. We’re a Top Rated Local® florist in Milwaukee and we can help. Whether it’s a fruit basket, flower delivery, or lovely floral arrangement, our superior flower delivery service will help you send some love.