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Posted by Welke's House of Roses on September 6, 2023 Recent News

Enchanted Flowers with Witchy Symbolism and Magical Energies

Our time on earth is temporary by its very nature, so we treasure the beautiful moments. It’s like a fresh bouquet, brimming with color and beauty, even if they aren’t destined for permanence. Nonetheless, the joy that blooms bring us is exceptional, as each carries a distinct energy that can awaken our senses and provide us with purpose. Some say that witches have long utilized the magical powers of flowers, using them to enliven their senses and enrich their lives. At Welke’s Florist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we’re eager to share our favorite picks, ideal for your enchanted Halloween arrangements.

Roses Dispel Negative Energy

Among the wide variety of flowers globally, roses are easily among the most appreciated and beloved. Their pleasant scent, distinct beauty, and potent symbolism contribute to their enduring popularity. Roses also look amazing in photos, adding to their universal allure. While these exceptionally versatile blooms hold varying meanings in different cultures, there are some notable aspects to mention. For instance, in Medieval times, roses were used for personal protection and defense against harmful influences. Just remember that roses exhibit beautiful petals in a variety of colors, but their stems are known to have sharp thorns. Be cautious of the slight risk that comes with their soft appearance.

Marigolds Protect Us and Safeguard Our Health

Marigolds have an extensive history of medicinal use and are renowned for their ability to heal a variety of ailments and enhance energy levels. This practice spans the globe within various cultures, all embracing marigolds’ protective energy to counteract negativity. Beyond their curative properties, marigolds bear strong symbolism related to the afterlife, functioning as a link between the departed and the living, especially during Halloween. Moreover, marigolds are intertwined with our sleep and dream cycles, embodying our innermost ambitions, hopes, and desires.

Orchids Sharpen Our Senses

Orchids possess a captivating quality that prompts us to examine their detailed patterns and colors. Their energy entices our spirits, inspiring us to seek answers from the universe to our perplexing questions. Orchids fortify our connection to the unknown, improving our grasp of the world and its mysteries. Orchids also give us the ability to decode life’s patterns and amplify our psychic potential. This fusion makes them an outstanding option for a Halloween arrangement with mystical potency.

Snapdragons are Talismans That Keep Us Safe

Many of us remember snapdragons from our youth when we used to attach them to our ears like fancy earrings. Besides their exceptional appearance and petal shape, snapdragons carry spiritual energy to ward off negativity and dismantle curses. This makes them a fantastic addition to your Halloween arrangements. Snapdragons also assist in reinforcing the boundary between the living and the beyond, a vital function when it’s especially thin.

Lilies Keep Unwanted Attachments Away

Although lilies are admired for their elegance, pleasant aroma, and versatility in floral arrangements, their significance and spiritual strength run deep. These blossoms can detect the detrimental emotional ties in our lives and offer guidance to detach from them. By protecting our emotional health and boundaries, lilies encourage positive thinking, contributing to our holistic well-being. Removing negativity opens the door to healthier relationships, helping us live our best possible lives.

At Welke’s Florist, we know that flowers hold the potential to mend, safeguard, and uplift us, especially when we might be more open to otherworldly energies during the spookiest season. Browse our autumn floral arrangements to find an array of Halloween blooms.