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Six Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Long-Distance Love

Though being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) is hard, the reward at the finish line is eventually being together forever. Keep the love strong during those times when you’re apart by sending thoughtful, bond-strengthening gifts that will keep you close even when separated by distance. Here at Welke’s, Milwaukee’s best florist, we know a thing or two about romance and love, so take a look at some LDR gifts we recommend to keep the embers burning.

Long-Distance Relationship Gifts You’ll Both Love

Gorgeous arrangement of red roses

Bouquet of Roses

These are a classic for a reason – they work! Roses have long been considered the premier flower to express love, passion, and romance. In fact, roses symbolize love. Other colors also have other meanings, but red is for love. There isn’t anyone in the world who doesn’t’ love getting romantic red roses. From simple yet elegant, like our Lucky in Love arrangement, to colorful and bright, to lavish and majestic, roses as a romantic gift are a proven winner.

open photo book with pics of couple on beach


With services like Shutterfly, you can create your own hard-cover photo book with pictures from special moments of you and your other half, or document a trip you went on together. Once complete, you can send it to your faraway love and keep one for yourself. It’s a gift that is personal, unique, and demonstrates your love and thoughtfulness which will make a great impression.

Pair of touch bracelets

Bond Touch Bracelets

Let your special someone know you’re thinking of them at the very moment you are with these cool touch bracelets. Just tap on your bracelet to send vibrations and light-up colors to your other half’s bracelet to let them know they are on your mind.

Furbo Pet Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

If you and your long-distance partner share a pet, then it’s important to keep that bond strong too. With the Furbo Dog Camera, you or your far-away other half can watch over little Fluffy, interact with him by talking to him and tossing him treats, and seeing how he spent his day.

six stunning orchid plants


It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Plants provide excellent mood-boosting benefits as well as clean the air and freshen up any space. Send a plant to your LDR love and as they water and nourish it so it thrives, so too will your relationship. If your paramour has a black thumb, then choose easy to care for plants like succulents or orchids. Our Regal Orchids has six beautiful orchids that are majestic and elegant.

Woman's hands writing a letter

“Open When” Letters

A perfect sentiment straight from the heart, write up a batch of Open When letters and give them to your significant other to have when they need them the most. Common topics are Open When you are sad, lonely, need a laugh, missing me, and need a boost of confidence. Your words in their time of need will be loving and welcome.

As long as the gift is from the heart, you’ll help keep your loving bond strong across the distance. For additional ideas, or after you’ve sent all of the above gifts, keep in mind the power of flowers. A very simple way to keep your long-distance relationship bond strong is to sign up for a floral subscription service. Set it up once and then each month a beautiful bouquet of flowers showing just how much you care about and think about your special love will be sent to them. It’s the perfect gift!