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Posted by Welke's House of Roses on July 20, 2019 | Last Updated: July 31, 2019 Recent News

Getting Ready for Dorm Life as a New College Student

Moving to college for the first time is an exciting time in a student’s life. There will be new people to meet, classes to attend and a dorm room to make your own. There are so many things to think about for your new college life! What should I bring, what should I buy and where do I shop are just a few of the questions that come to mind when thinking about the all-important move-in day at Marquette University or Milwaukee School of Engineering. Thankfully, Welke’s Florist has created a list of essential items for a dorm room that you may not have thought of.


pink and white bouquet

Gifts That Show You Care

Reminders of your love: Of course, the most important thing that any new college student needs is to know that you care. Welke’s Florist has just the thing to remind your student how much they are going to be missed. Let the designers at Welke’s create a special arrangement or gift basket just for your student. Having a lovely plant or flower to brighten the room can be a great way to leave a reminder of home.



Make sure they Arrive In Style when this light, simple design shows up on their doorstep. Full of white lilies and blush roses, this pretty piece will be a gorgeous update to a new dorm room.

pink bouquet with bear hugging the vase




When you can’t give them the real thing, send Bear Hug Sweetness with a cuddly teddy bear peeking out from behind a vase of gorgeous blooms. Roses, chrysanthemums, asters and carnations in pinks and purples are as thoughtful as they come.



green bamboo plant in wooden planter for luck



A fresh stalk of Good Luck Bamboo will send them on their way knowing your wishes for health, wealth and prosperity come with it. This sleek, modern design will fit right into a college dorm setting while bringing good vibes with it.




succulent garden in ceramic planter




Our Saratoga Succulent Garden will add rich color and texture to your student’s space while allowing them the freedom to get things done. Succulents are easy to care for and will last all year long.



Delicious gift basket of fruits and cheese


Keep them healthy during those late-night study sessions when you send our Delicious Delights Basket. Filled with fresh fruit and gourmet delights, this basket is sure to be a winner.

Presents That Are Helpful

Desk lamp: Although many dorm rooms come with a provided desk, not all desks have lamps. A good desk lamp provided much needed light close up. It can also be used late at night when your roommate is sleeping as your study for a final or write the last paragraph of a paper due in a few hours.

Dry erase board and markers: There are so many uses for a dry erase board in a dorm room! Roommates can use the board to write messages to each other. Students can also keep a visible to-do list and reminders of upcoming events on the board. Lastly, a dry erase board can also be used to work out that tricky math problem in college algebra or keep a list of vocabulary terms for a science class.

Full length mirror: This is a must-have item for all college students! Students are often on the go all day long and have little time for fashion. Everyone needs to be able to check their hair and clothing before dashing out the door to your next class which starts in five minutes. Do your shoes match? Have you forgotten your socks? A quick check-in your mirror will have you out the door in no time.

Step stool: Now, this is a helpful object to have around a dorm room. Storing your things in the upper level of your closet, hanging posters and even changing light bulbs will be so much easier when you are able to use a step stool. In a pinch, a step stool can also be used as a bedside table or quick seating for a room full of guests.

Leaving for college can be both an exciting and yet stressful time. Creating a dorm room that is both fun and functional can help ease the transition. Our list of essential dorm products is a great place to start! Don’t forget to call Welke’s Florist for the perfect floral arrangement, living plant or gift basket that will say welcome home to your student.