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The Meaning Behind Various Orchid Colors

Each color of the rainbow is linked to a unique meaning and feeling, and various colored orchids are no different. As a wealth of symbolism, each colored orchid has its own significance and meaning. Favorite orchids like Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, and Cymbidium can come in hues of red, pink, white, blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow. 

While the general meaning of orchid ranges from charm and beauty to refinement and fertility, these marvelous blooms are perfect for any celebration, even to simply spread joy. Select the perfect orchid hue for your upcoming special occasion as your friends here at Welke’s, Milwaukee’s best florist, dive into each specific meaning and symbol based on orchid color.

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Orchid Symbols Linked to Color

Blue Orchids

There’s no better bloom than a blue orchid for someone you think of as beautiful in a unique way all their own. This particular blue flower symbolizes its uncommon yet natural beauty that can also be found in the people we hold near and dear to our hearts. In addition to beauty, rarity, and uniqueness, the blue orchid is also a symbol of spirituality.

Red Orchids

To enhance their own power and strength, the Aztecs would drink an elixir made of chocolate and orchids. As strength is part of its symbolism, red orchids also represent determination, courage, perseverance, desire, passion, and love. This bold bloom is a great one to send to the person you love deeply or to pair with red roses for a perfect match.

Pink Orchids

As a symbol of grace, gentleness, innocence, happiness, playfulness, and fertility, pink orchids prove to be a sweet bloom. This pink flower is perfect to help growing families and expecting mothers celebrate their new bundle of joy. Pink orchids are also a great addition to the decor for baby showers, baptisms, and even weddings.

White Orchids

When we think of the color white, purity is the next thought closely trailing behind. As a symbol of purity, these fresh orchids also symbolize faith, humility, safety, elegance, innocence, and beauty. Choose to include white orchids in your wedding floral for purity and elegance, to display in a specific place of worship for faith and spirituality, or to simply enjoy their beauty in your home.

Purple Orchids

The Victorian Ages had a lasting effect on the symbolism of orchids as the upper class showed great admiration towards these awe-inspiring blooms. Since then, purple orchids have symbolized authority, dignity, and royalty. If you love sending flowers, purple orchids will help you show admiration and respect towards those who receive this breathtaking bloom.

Yellow Orchids

As a cheerful, happy, and optimistic colored flower, yellow orchids are a symbol of friendship, new beginnings, and joy. This brilliant bright bloom is perfect to send to long-distance friends, encourage a new chapter in somebody’s life, and spread cheer.

Orange Orchids

Orange is a wonderful color representing creativity, excitement, sunshine, and success. Enthusiasm, boldness, and pride are also symbols of the orange orchid. Incorporate this vibrant flower into any celebration, such as a new adventure, promotion at work, or to bring a fresh boost and inspiration into your office or home.

Green Orchids

We love sending green orchids to friends and family who may be in need of some extra blessings and luck. This meaningful gesture is inspired by the symbols connected to green orchids, including good fortune, good health, longevity, and even nature. According to Japanese culture, displaying a green orchid in your home or office is believed to bring good fortune in your life and career.

While orchids mean thoughtfulness, refinement, fertility, beauty, charm, and love, they’re the perfect bloom to celebrate all of life’s precious moments. With a wide array of colors to choose from, the orchid is nothing short of special. Select the freshest flowers and find the perfect orchid color for your next occasion here at Welke’s.