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Order Fresh Flowers When You Don’t Have Millions to Buy a Masterpiece

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Having a flower arrangement in your home is an easy to brighten up the space and give a cheery feeling and fresh aroma. With so many benefits of having flowers in the house, it’s no wonder residents of Milwaukee have our flower delivery service driving around town. But don’t worry, we love seeing people’s faces when they open the door to a bouquet of flowers. But what’s another way of getting the same bright look in your home? There are thousands of masterpiece paintings out there that feature a variety of flowers. And even though you may not have a few million dollars to spend on a Monet, here are some of our favorite flower paintings that you can enjoy a print of in your home.

Lilacs in a Window, Mary Cassatt

The painting of an aubergine vase with purple and white lilacs resting near an open window has thick brush strokes and a beautiful range of greens, purples, and blues. It was painted between 1880 and 1883 and the bouquet of lilacs was probably sitting in a greenhouse near her studio. The style represented in this painting is a typical example of her technique and style.

Still Life Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, Vincent Van Gogh

Many people will easily recognize this painting as a Van Gogh because of its weighted strokes in the background and the chunks of color on the vace. Painted in 1888, Van Gogh did a series of sunflower paintings. This painting started with 12 flowers, but was actually reworked to include 15. A print of this painting in your home will truly brighten any space. For a life arrangement of sunflowers, give our flower delivery service a call today.

Peonies and Irises, Emil Nolde

When this expressionist painter moved to Germany, he began making more and more paintings of the bright flowers that he found there. This painting, done in 1936, features white peonies with touches of yellow and yellow and purple irises, surrounded by green leaves and stems. It’s clear that the garden he painted from was full of color and a variety of flowers that played in the wind.

Flowers, Andy Warhol

A unique and modern take on flowers, this 1970 painting of hibiscus flowers uses solid colors (a deep orange, a bright purple, and a pale yellow) to create the shape of the flower. Warhol was inspired by various flowers, including daisies and even Japanese ikebana. He created paintings that gave the impression that the flower was floating above the background. As much as we would like to, our flower delivery service can’t bring you a Warhol flower arrangement.

Black Hollyhock, Georgia O’Keeffe

Along with Monet and Van Gogh, O’Keeffe is another master painter of flowers and this painting is a great example of her style. The painting includes bright blues, reds, and a deep black, which takes over the painting. Anyone looking for a painting full of contrast and color, this is a great choice.

This is just a handful of the wonderful flower paintings that were done by talented masters. To enjoy a flower arrangement in your home, give our flower delivery service a call today and we’ll bring you a bouquet that is full of color and fresh scents.

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