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Mother’s Day Flowers Are A Timeless Tradition

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We are all very familiar with Mother’s Day. On the other hand, the amount of people who actually know why this holiday exists and why flowers are given on it is very slim. This is sort of a shame considering that the inception of Mother’s Day is a fairly interesting tale. However, in order to completely understand this story, we have to go back much further than the first Mother’s Day.

The Earliest Instances

Celebrating mothers can be traced back as far as to the Greeks and Romans. These civilizations used to have festivals that were meant to honor the mother goddesses. Known as Rhea and Cybele, these mothers were thought of in the highest regards. Following these celebrations, was the Christian festival, ‘Mothering Sunday’. This tradition quickly spread throughout Europe. It entailed a large celebratory gathering on the fourth Sunday during Lent. Originally, this practice was meant to encourage Christians to return to their ‘mother church’ for a special service. However, after some time had passed, this tradition began to change. Instead of returning to their mother church, children began to give their mothers tokens of their appreciation on this day, most commonly flowers.

American Mother’s Day

In the 1930’s and 40’s, the American Mother’s Day began to gain mass popularity. However, the actual idea of this holiday came quite a while before this in the U.S. During the years before the Civil War, an organization called the “Mothers’ Day Work Club” was formed by a woman of the name, Anna Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia. This group was meant to teach new mothers how to properly care for their children. Then, in 1868, Jarvis arranged ‘Mother’s Friendship Day”. This entailed mothers of both former Union and Confederate soldiers meeting together to promote reconciliation after the war.

While Anna Reeves Jarvis cannot be full credit for the Mother’s Day we are all so familiar with in modern times, she is the one who inspired it. Her daughter, also named Anna, was distraught when her mother passed away in 1905. Anna considered her mother as her hero, and therefore decided to arrange a day in which she and all other children could honor and show appreciation for all the sacrifices their mothers made for them. So in May of 1908, Anna organized the very first official Mother’s Day at a Methodist church in West Virginia. After so much success the first year, Jarvis resolved to get her holiday added to the national calendar. This was no easy task, however. It took her until 1914 to succeed when President Woodrow Wilson made the second Sunday in May officially Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Today

Today, Mother’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday. There are many different ways mothers continue to be celebrated all over the world. For example, in Thailand, Mother’s Day takes place in August because this is the birthday of the current queen, Sirikit. In other places, like Ethiopia, families gather to sing songs and eat large feasts during a celebration honoring motherhood, known as Antrosht. For most, the appropriate gift hasn’t changed much since “Mothering Sunday”. Flowers are the best choice if you want to show your mother just how much you appreciate her.

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