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5 Reasons To Send Flowers To Someone Special In October

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If you ask people what their favorite season is, there are three seasons that people most commonly respond with. In our experience, the most common response, however, is autumn, with their favorite month of the season being October. After all, what’s not to love? With falling leaves, pumpkins everywhere and gorgeous crisp fall weather, October is a wonderful time of year to send flowers to the someone you love as well. If you are curious about what sort of occasions are in October that would warrant flower delivery, we’re here to help.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month? Breast Cancer is a far-reaching disease that affects an unbelievable number of people and families each year. If you know someone who is currently fighting breast cancer, this is the perfect opportunity to send them a lovely arrangement of flowers as a bit of encouragement. Additionally, if you know someone who has won their fight against breast cancer, this month is a lovely time to remind them how resilient you think they are. Offer praise for their success and their strength.

Customer Service Week

Another group of people who deserve a few thanks from time to time is those who work in customer service. This isn’t an easy job for the most part and therefore, showing some appreciation for them is a nice gesture. Whether you are a business owner who wants to thank your customer service team or you simply have a friend or two who work endlessly in a position like this, flowers are always a lovely gift to send. Additionally, you may want to consider sending a gift basket if a bouquet isn’t really the forte of the recipient. This week will be acknowledged from the 2nd of October until the 8th.

Clergy Appreciation Day

On October 8th, you can show your appreciation for people who work in a different type of service. National Clergy Appreciation Day is used to recognize the work of pastors, ministers, and priests. If you would like to show how thankful you are for a member of your clergy or for the clergy as a whole, you can show your thanks with a beautiful floral arrangement from Welke’s House of Flowers.

Navy Birthday

Is there someone in your life who is a member of the Navy and you would like to thank them for their bravery and service? October 13th is the birthday of the Navy, which is the perfect occasion for sending a patriotic floral arrangement to a hero in your life. Be sure to include a card with your flowers that will express your gratitude and your love for the way that they have gone above and beyond to defend your freedom.

Girl Scout Founder’s Day

While October 31st is most commonly celebrating as Halloween, another holiday falls on this date as well. That’s right, Girl Scout Founder’s Day takes place on this day each year as it is the founder of the Girl Scouts’ birthday. This is a day to show appreciation for your Girl Scout and all the things that scouting has done for turning her into a better person over the years. Additionally, you can send a floral arrangement to your local Girl Scout troop as well.

Ready to Send Flowers This Month?

If you are wanting to celebrate one of the aforementioned occasions with flowers, it’s time to start looking through our floral selection at Milwaukee’s best florist today. Check out the many different bouquets and gift baskets that we have to offer at Welke’s House of Roses right now.

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