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Writing The Perfect Anniversary Card Message For Your Flower Delivery

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Anniversaries are wonderful occasions that allow you and your significant other to reflect on when and why your relationship first blossomed. This is the one day a year you get to celebrate your love and only your love. While holidays like Valentine’s Day allow you to show your sweetheart how much they mean to you, these are days that everyone can celebrate. On the other hand, your anniversary is unique to you and your honey. Whether you are celebrating the first time you kissed, you went on your first date or the day you were married, an occasion like this requires acknowledgment of some sort. What do we prefer? Well, flowers of course. Having flowers delivered to that special someone is one of the best ways you can show just how much your loved one and this day means to you.

Do you need help making sure the card you send with your flowers holds the right sentiment? Continue reading below to learn the best messages to include with your flowers on an anniversary, even one that isn’t romantic.

For Your One Year Anniversary

“I feel like I have been in the most beautiful dream for the last 365 days. Thank you for entering my life, which I know would still feel incomplete had you not. Happy One Year Anniversary, darling.”

For Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

“Each and everyday, I thank God for sending you into my life. Then I thank myself for having the sense to make you my forever partner. The last year has only proven to me how perfect we are for one another. Happy Anniversary. I love you.”

For Your Parents’ Anniversary

“It’s because of the relationship you two have that I know what love is. Your dedication, loyalty and unwavering support of one another is truly inspiring. Sending you much love on this special day. Happy Anniversary!”

For A Work Anniversary

“Some days are harder than others, but everyday I get to work alongside you is a blessing. Thank you for all that you do. Happy Work Anniversary.”

For A Friendship Anniversary

“A good friend is hard to find. A great friend like you is nearly impossible to find. Lucky for me, we have been friends for yet another year. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy Friendiversary.”

Do You Need To Place An Order For Anniversary Flowers?

If you have an anniversary coming up, it’s important that you don’t wait until the last minute to order your anniversary flowers for delivery. There are plenty of occasions that can be considering an anniversary if you consider them to be important enough. When you shop Milwaukee’s best at Welke’s House of Roses, you can find the perfect arrangement for flower delivery on your anniversary. Check out our large selection of beautiful floral arrangements and be sure to show that special someone how important they are to you this year by having them delivered to their home or office alongside a lovely note wishing them well.

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