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How to Select Statement Blooms He’ll Remember on Valentine’s Day

Fresh flowers hold universal appeal, a fact confirmed by scientific studies, transcending a person’s age, background, and gender. They uplift our spirits, enhance our well-being, and strengthen our bonds with friends and family. Flowers also have the magical ability to make indoor spaces inviting settings that promote meaningful gatherings and interactions. When you factor in the nostalgia many feel for flowers they adored growing up, it becomes evident why gifting your significant other a bouquet on Valentine’s Day is a great idea. At Welke’s Florist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we’re delighted to assist you in choosing the perfect gift because flowers bring joy to everyone, including men.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are ideal for Valentine’s Day flower arrangements due to their extensive range of colors, from vivid reds to bright yellows and warm oranges. This expansive color palette lets you express a personal message using color symbolism, or choose the shade he prefers most. Furthermore, these daisies were the actual flowers that researchers used in a study highlighting their ability to improve male communication skills; they helped men have more meaningful eye contact and more impactful body language.


Anthuriums are renowned for their durability, making them sturdy and reliable for floral bouquets. Their capacity to maintain beauty and freshness symbolizes the long-lasting bond in your relationship as you move through life as partners. Anthuriums are an especially fitting addition to Valentine’s Day arrangements, boasting beautiful shades from red to pink to white, timeless hues for this romantic holiday. Combined with their elegant heart shape, anthuriums clearly state, “I love you.”

Birds of Paradise

If you want to add the spirit of adventure into your significant other’s bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers, the bird of paradise will surely accomplish the task. While this bloom may not be typical in standard arrangements, its kinetic energy will surely appeal to him, especially if he’s an out-of-the-box thinker with creative tendencies. Additionally, the tropical feel of a bird of paradise and its balance of beautiful orange, purple, and yellow shades can appeal to male sensibilities. These bold blooms are a fun addition that brings a little paradise to floral arrangements.

Red Roses

Red roses hold a special place among the most cherished flowers across the globe, and there are plenty of reasons why. No other flower symbolizes romance quite like the red rose, a tradition dating back hundreds, even thousands, of years. These blooms are also a heartfelt way to convey your admiration, respect, and profound gratitude for your male partner. Their lush petals and enchanting scent have inspired many artists, causing them to appear in their creations frequently. When you combine all these aspects, it’s clear why surprising your sweetie with blooming red roses as a Valentine’s Day present is a great idea.


Orchids, including the serene white varieties, are recognized for their calming properties; however, their diversity encompasses much more than just one color or impact. There are thousands of varieties of this tropical flower, each with its own unique shape, size, color, and pattern. You can select a single orchid type or combine more than one to send a sweet message through hue and symbolism. While red orchids are ideal for your sweetie’s Valentine’s Day arrangement to show your passion for them, all types are stunning and carry a meaningful impact.

Flowers are a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for men, bringing joy and love into their lives. They also communicate your deep feelings for him and how grateful you are to have him in your life. Contact us at Welke’s Florist to create a personalized bouquet that speaks volumes.

60% of men would love to receive a bouquet of blooms