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Welke's House of Roses

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Welcoming Plants & Flowers for Your Home

Having a friend or family member visit your home is always exciting as you want to wow them with your wonderful home and hospitality. For a quick and easy way to add color, elegance, and a refresh to your home that makes it warm and welcoming, just pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers or a pretty plant. Colorful blooms and fresh greens are not only a beautiful sentiment to leave in a guest room or bring as a housewarming present, but they have a natural way of making any new place feel like home. Here at Welke’s House of Roses, we list the best of the best botanicals to make your home feel lush, cozy, and welcoming.

Plants & Flowers That Give Your Home a Warm and Welcoming Refresh


Eucalyptus has taken the interior design world by storm, as it’s seen in countless magazines and design shows. And for good reason! Eucalyptus doubles as trendy home decor and a welcoming symbol for guests. Known for its calming yet reinvigorating aroma, this fabulous greenery also represents protection, strength, and abundance.


Ahhh, the uplifting, stress-reducing, and pleasant fragrance of lavender! Who doesn’t love it? This lovely purple plant brings the ultimate relaxation and comfort into any room. Lavender is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home as it represents purity, serenity, and tranquility, the perfect remedy for a long day of travel.

Money Tree

As the name implies, the money tree is associated with wealth, prosperity, good fortune, and luck. Plus, they are perky, fun plants with large leaves and braided trunks. Bringing positive energy and air purifying qualities, the money tree is perfect for guest rooms or new neighbors who have just moved into your neighborhood.

Bonsai Tree

Like the money tree, a bonsai tree symbolizes luck and is a truly charming and ornamental plant to have in the home. Visitors will love inspecting this living work of art, and it adds elegance and warm vibes to any home. Bonsai trees are great for welcoming guests and as a housewarming gift, too, as they also represent peace, happiness, and harmony.


Add a pop of bright red color to your home with an anthurium plant! These vibrant, tropical plants are symbols of welcome, hospitality, kindness, and abundance. Shaped like an open heart, this lively plant represents warm greetings for friends to come into your home or neighbors into your community.


A springtime favorite, tulips are recognized as representing rebirth and renewal, a lovely sentiment for someone beginning a new chapter or embarking on a new journey. For welcoming a guest to your home or a new neighbor into your ‘burb, go for orange, yellow, or pink tulips.  Orange tulips represent warmth, yellow ones symbolize friendship, prosperity, and luck, while pink tulips signify non-romantic love and good wishes.


Like tulips, the color of the chrysanthemum determines its meaning. In general, though, chrysanthemums represent friendship, joy, and optimism. More specifically, yellow chrysanthemums symbolize happiness, celebration, and high spirits, and green mums symbolize good fortune, good health, and rebirth.


Wisteria is a vine with small, enchanting, and fragrant purple blooms that symbolize welcome. Having wisteria in your front yard or on your front porch lets visitors know they are welcome. Gifting wisteria in a pot of soil to a new neighbor is also an endearing way to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Show your visitors what a classy and thoughtful host you are by displaying warm and welcoming plants and blooms throughout your house. You’ll love it so much you’ll want to do it even when no one is visiting!  Check out our gorgeous catalog of  Welke’s House of Roses flowers now!