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International Women’s Day Celebration Guide: Activities with Impact

So, International Women’s Day is here, and if you’re wondering how to celebrate the day, it’s all about your energy and what resonates with you RN. Whether going global with your IWD celebration or keeping the focus local, both options are worth getting amped about. At Welke’s Florist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we’re all about hooking you up with fresh blooms for the queens and supporters who are out there crushing it. It supports IWD’s mission of showing love to the women changing the game. But along with your gift, there are other ways to make this holiday fire.

Organize a Fundraiser

Here’s the deal – if you want to make a real impact on International Women’s Day, fundraising is what’s up. Whether you’re all about supporting education, repping an NGO, or advocating for mental health, raising money is the flex that gets results. Your cash can go a long way in generating the resources these organizations need to do their essential work. And when you’re hosting special events for your fundraiser, floral arrangements are the best way to elevate the venue’s atmosphere. Everyone loves a good glow-up, right?

Host a Party

International Women’s Day is mainly about honoring the ladies out there making strides, but having a blast is also a legit way to celebrate — meaning you should throw down and turn up for a party. It’s a good opportunity for your BFFs to kick back and make new friends. You can make the party about celebrating everyone’s biggest Ws or shed light on a pressing international issue worthy of attention. Put on your favorite jams, dish out some food that slaps, and give the space an elegant energy with colorful, blooming flowers.

Gather For a Meaningful Meal

Get out with your friends and dine together to celebrate International Women’s Day like the rock stars you are. Select a place owned by female entrepreneurs and their allies, where the money you drop will go a long way. You’re helping women-owned businesses make stacks and thrive, a solid IWD goal. Whether you’re gathering for weekend brunch, a casual lunch, or dinner that’s super bougie, it’s all about bonding over great cuisine and enjoying the vibe.

Set Personal Goals

On International Women’s Day, dedicate a moment to yourself and set personal goals that get you fired up. Sit down, think about what truly gives you life, and devise a plan to secure that bag. Whether mastering a new skill or finding balance in your life, figure out what you desire and go after it. Whether it’s a bougier lifestyle or some other goal, there’s no shame in chasing your dreams. So embrace your inner queen; when you radiate confidence, you uplift those around you, and that’s an entire flex.

Send Flowers

Sending a fresh and fragrant bouquet of blooms to your sheroes and heroes is one of the best moves on International Women’s Day. Flowers are fresh and beautiful, making any room more elegant and pleasant. So, on this occasion, show those who’ve been part of your journey that you truly understand the assignment. Whether it’s your family who’s always been in your corner, your ride-or-die BFFs, or the allies who’ve stayed 100 percent true, it’s time to say “Thank you, I see you!”

International Women’s Day is the time to turn up the good energy. Whether you’re brunching with your BFFs, hosting a purpose-driven party, or spreading love with fresh flowers, make it a celebration to remember. Welke’s Florist is here to help you make it all happen with style.

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