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Express Your Appreciation Father’s Day With Last-Minute Gifts for Your Favorite Dad

Hands up if this sounds familiar: Your calendar is less than organized, and keeping tabs on every single thing isn’t your thing. We’re not judging you! We feel this in our bones, especially when tasked with a Father’s Day present he’d sincerely like. You want all the father figures you care about — honorary dads, dads, stepdads, uncles, and grandpas — to feel some serious appreciation, but time has all but run out. Don’t stress, it’s all good! At Welke’s Florist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we totally get how crazy things can be, which is why we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation. Let’s make him feel like the MVP he is!

Outdoorsy Dad: A Touch of Nature

What does the father figure you love do to chill out and unwind? If he’s all about hitting the trails, landscaping the yard, or going for a paddle on his SUP, he’s 100 percent the outdoorsy dad. Give him life on Father’s Day by gifting him a beautiful green plant, a present that recognizes his deep connection to nature. It’s a gesture that gives props to his adventurous energy and the bond you share — perfect on this day!

Baseball Dad: Team Spirit in Bloom

A flower bouquet for the baseball-obsessed dad might seem out of left field, but trust us, it’s a hit! Transform this tried-and-true gift into something as special as he is by incorporating his team’s colors into the bouquet. This sweet move will show him just how much you get him and pay attention to his passions. Want to knock it right out of the park? An envelope with game tickets nestled in the flowers will be a grand slam!

Pet Dad: Celebrate the Furry Family Member

Major props to the pet daddies out there celebrating Father’s Day with their beloved fur kids! They prove that parenthood isn’t limited to folks with human bbs, thanks to all the love and care they give. Spoil these cat dads and dog fathers with something they’ll seriously adore, like a pet portrait of their literally perfect pup. Or take a peek at our gift shop for something that suits their vibe, such as gourmet treats or luxe candles. Indeed, pets relish in the bougie just as much as we do.

Motorcycle Dad: An Adventure Off the Beaten Path

The dad who’s high-key obsessed with his motorcycle is no stranger to walks on the wild side; he’s never better than when he’s out riding, living his absolute best life. Gift him something that’s legit out-of-the-box, like a flower design course! It’s a fresh way to let him experience nature, kinda like he does out on the open road in the great outdoors. Plus, it’s a perf for sharing quality time and cackling (or cringing) at those inevitable dad jokes.

Coffee Dad: The Ultimate Brew Basket

We get it: Some dads have coffee habits that are honestly a bit extra — drip coffee just doesn’t do it for them, and K-cups are a hard pass. The dads who take their coffee seriously go for whole beans, grinding them fresh every time, and they wouldn’t dream of brewing without their French press, trust. Go big or go home this Father’s Day by surprising him with a gift basket filled with the coffees he’s all about. He’s got a serious flex going on — may as well support it!

Running behind on your Father’s Day gift? Welke’s Florist has your back with gifts that’ll make any dad feel majorly special. Just tell us what gives him life, and we’ll select a gift that cleverly hides your last-minute hustle.

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