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Posted by Welke's House of Roses on December 12, 2018 | Last Updated: November 10, 2020 Recent News

What Your Favorite Holiday Flower Says About You

When it comes to holiday decor, it’s not just about the Christmas tree, your wreath on the door, and stockings hung by the chimney with care. You also need to buy flowers for your home! Whether you’re looking centerpieces for parties or casual floral arrangements to bring good aromas and more Christmas colors to your home, Welke’s House of Roses has you covered.

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover nine different flowers we often put into our online flower orders — and what each one says about you and the kind of Christmas person you are. Read through and see which best describes you or which flower you would automatically choose, and then buy flowers in Milwaukee from Welke’s House of Roses! Our holiday collection has just what you’re looking for.

Red or White Rose – If you like floral arrangements with red or white roses (or both!), you adore the love that’s in the air each Christmas. White roses also symbolize innocence and purity — so you still believe in Santa Claus and do your best to make sure others do as well.
Carnation – When you buy flowers and you’re drawn to carnations for your holiday displays, this means you love classic designs and traditions. Your Christmas is full of love and tradition.
Red Daisy – Daisies represent cheerfulness and happiness, and a red daisy floral arrangement is unique. You love the creativity and fun going around each Christmas, and you’re not afraid to start your own traditions.
Poinsettia – If you’re searching online florist shops for poinsettias, you crave a traditional, religious Christmas each year steeped in history. On top of this, however, poinsettias can represent good cheer and success; you’re an optimist that loves tradition.
White Lily – White lilies are often associated with religion, innocence, and purity. Whether you send flowers or buy flowers online, if you’re drawn to white lilies at Christmastime, then you’re a traditionalist who believes in all the magic of the season.
Stargazer Lily – You buy flowers for Christmas in Milwaukee and they’re stargazer lilies. This represents a tribute to the classic white lily, with a modern flair for the big, bold, and beautiful. You glam it up each Christmas and can be found doing a new thing every year to celebrate.
Seasonal Greens – If you love floral arrangements full of seasonal greens, then you’re down-to-earth, realistic, and grounded. You have just as many new traditions as family favorites, and you don’t get too stressed around the holidays.
White Hydrangea – Hydrangeas are associated with gratitude and understanding. When you find flowers online and you can’t stop looking at floral arrangements with hydrangeas, this means you’re a giving, kind person who is always seeking to help others when Christmas comes around.
Orchid – And, finally, the orchid. If you order flowers at Christmas and an orchid is a focal point, then you are all about a glamorous, exquisite Christmas. You embrace new and old traditions alike, and you throw a Christmas party that can’t be beat year after year.

Did you find the right flowers online for you and your taste today? Browse our holiday collection and buy flowers from Welke’s House of Roses today.