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4 Decorating Tips For Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Fall is full of flowers, foliage, and, furthermore, food. By the time Thanksgiving comes around — which is next week by the way — you’re well-versed in all things plaid, pumpkin, and pie. And then you get to do it all again next Thursday!

As you have friends and family over on a special day though, it’s important to decorate just right for this fall festival. Special occasion flowers can help. Here at Welke’s House of Roses, we love anniversary flowers, sympathy flowers, Mother’s Day flowers, and more!

When it comes to floral arrangements, no one does special occasion flowers better than Welke’s House of Roses — and we’re right in Milwaukee for easy delivery. Because of this, we’re also all about flowers for the seasonal special occasions. Read here for tips on decorating for your Thanksgiving celebration or check out our blog on making homes more festive for fall.

Set The Table

The table is where Thanksgiving magic happens. From the turkey to the pies and all the delicious sides in between, you’ll be spending a good amount of time at the dining table this Thanksgiving. Decorate it with festive tablecloths (think warm florals and plaids), candles galore, and painted or plain gourds. Order flowers online to add some height and color to the table, and don’t forget unique name tags for table settings or drinks.

Don’t Forget Outside

Your guests will be entering through the front door, of course, so you need to pay attention to the outside and not just indoors! Line the walkway with pumpkins, find hardy mum plants to soften the hard lines and make or buy colorful wreaths for the door. Your doorway may be so cute that you and your guests actually take the Thanksgiving photo outside!

Flowers, Foliage, Fall

If there’s a hard surface in your home, you should cover it with lovely fall flowers. Choose from our extensive autumn collection for flowers that will look good in any room of the house: the entryway, the kitchen, the dining room table, and, of course, the living room when you all collapse into a food coma shortly after finishing off the meal. Special occasion flowers will add warmth, color, and softness to your home this Thanksgiving — and they’ll smell good to boot.

Show Your Gratitude

Come up with a display that shows your gratitude this Thanksgiving. Perhaps each guest lists things they’re grateful for, you print out images of ancestors and work them into a creative display, or you pull out your handy chalkboard and write out things you’re grateful for. Gratitude is the real reason for the season, and it’s fun to incorporate that into your decorating.

Do you need special occasion flowers for Thanksgiving this year? They’ll be the perfect touch for your home and will help you have the most beautiful Thanksgiving yet. Buy flowers online from Welke’s House of Roses today for special occasion flowers in Milwaukee. We’ve served the area since 1901, and Thanksgiving floral arrangements are some of our very favorites.