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Posted by Welke's House of Roses on November 17, 2019 | Last Updated: November 21, 2019 Recent News

5 Favorite Flowers We’re Thankful For

Flowers are always in style and in season at Welke’s Florist, serving Milwaukee, Elm Grove, and the surrounding areas. Our florists think flowers have everyday appeal because they’re not only beautiful and fragrant but also because they have a variety of impressive health benefits. Just being around flowers has the power to lower stress, reduce blood pressure, and boost your mood. They can also strengthen your memory. Plus, patients recover more quickly with flowers than without.

With so many wonderful benefits, there’s no reason to wait for the next holiday or special occasion to surround yourself and your loved ones with flowers. Why not order today?

Some of the Most Popular Flowers

Flowers gain popularity thanks to exceptionally alluring beauty, cultural significance, and fragrance. The popularity of certain flowers also depends on where and when you live. For example, camellias and lotus flowers are widely used in East Asia but are not nearly as popular in other parts of the world. There was also a time when tulips were considered highly valuable. Certain types of bulbs sold for thousands, and they could be used as currency. They were so popular that they comprised most of Holland’s economy. Tulips are still well-loved today, but they don’t hold near the status they once did.

It’s not easy for florists to pick just five favorite flowers, but we chose these because of their beauty and unique versatility in a variety of floral designs.

1. Roses

Lavender roses with purple lilacs and greens in vase

Lilac and Lavander

These timeless beauties will always be adored. They bloom in a variety of colors and variations, and as a result, different colors of roses have different symbolic meanings. You’re probably already familiar with red roses and romance, but did you know that yellow roses represent friendship? Pink roses are reserved for gentler emotions, like admiration, while orange roses are supposed to convey passionate feelings. Lavender roses represent love at first sight.

2. Calla Lilies

calla lilies and orchids in dish

Hopeful Promises

Calla lilies are our favorite type of lily. These beauties represent purity, holiness, and sweetness, and they range in colors from whites and creams to bright yellows, pinks, reds, and the deepest purples.

3. Purple Stock

purple kale with orange flowers and magenta stock in a vase

Autumn Harvest Bouquet

Stock flowers bloom in a rainbow of colors, but we absolutely love them in purple and lavender. These cone-shaped blooms add elegant height to a bouquet and give an arrangement the look of bursting from the vase. Purple stock flowers symbolize lasting beauty and a happy life.

4. Fuji (Spider) Mums

orange lily and roses with green spider mums in vase

Orange Crush

Fuji mums, also called spider chrysanthemums, look like vibrant, fluffy pom-poms. They bloom in a range of colors, making them a versatile addition to just about any color palette. They represent cheerfulness through and through, making them the perfect gift for anyone.

5. Orchids

yellow calla lilies with lavender orchids orange roses and red daisies

Beyond Brilliant

Orchids represent glorious femininity, exotic beauty, refinement, and thoughtfulness, making them a wonderful gift for any special woman. They’re exceptionally beautiful and diverse, with an estimated 30,000 species in the world.

What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

All flowers have symbolic meaning, but did you know some people think a person’s favorite flower can actually tell you something about their personality? People who love roses are said to bring out the best in others, while orchid lovers are mysterious. If you prefer lilies, you might also like to care for others, and if you like tulips, you probably also value family. Lilac lovers are said to have a soft spot for nostalgia and fans of daisies like a good adventure.

How to Order Flowers for Someone

When ordering flowers for someone, it’s important to consider your relationship with the recipient, the occasion, and the sentiment you hope to convey with your floral gift. We recommend saving red roses for romantic relationships and occasions, and only ordering all-white arrangements for more somber occasions, as white tends to symbolize sympathy and remembrance. If you’re not sure what to select, the safest choice is probably a multi-colored arrangement with a variety of flowers that catches your eye.

Ordering flowers from Welke’s Florist is simple! With our online ordering feature, you can easily have flowers delivered to just about any location. Plus, we always welcome customers to stop either of our flower shops for personalized assistance and professional recommendations.