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Posted by Welke's House of Roses on March 14, 2023 Recent News

Choosing the Right Spring Flowers for the Moms in Your Life

Wisconsin really comes to life in May, after the initial warmup in March and April kicks into high gear. Picnic season revs up, the Brewers are in full swing, and longer days lift spirits. But as you return to more and more outdoor spaces this spring, don’t forget to make your plans for Mother’s Day, when we all give back to the real MVP in our families. As for how to honor your mom this year, we here at Welke’s Milwaukee Flowers — in where else: Milwaukee, Wisconsin — are standing by, ready to help you create a custom flower arrangement that will bring color and joy into her life for weeks to come. Even if you’re not sure what kind of blooms to buy, our skilled team of flower professionals will take the guesswork out of the equation.

The Workout Mom

Whether she loves going for a jog in the morning regardless of the season, is committed to her yoga practice, or is often found cycling on her Peloton, the workout mom is committed to her health and well-bring. She’s the first to admit that she doesn’t fire on all cylinders if she doesn’t get her cardio, too, which is why she makes exercise such a priority. To honor that commitment this Mother’s Day, give your workout mom a dazzling arrangement white lilies, which symbolize health and happiness. That will show her that you’re proud of her boundless motivation.

The PTA Mom

Fewer things are more important for a child than their education, as it lays the foundation for their personal and professional growth and development. The PTA mom knows this, which is why she doesn’t hesitate to get involved in school matters, from the smallest of bake sales to the most contentious school board meetings. She just wants the best for her kids and will do whatever it takes to get it — a spirit that you should commemorate this Mother’s Day. So honor both the spring season and the spirit of charity with a refined bouquet of colorful tulips. She’ll appreciate the sentiment for sure

The New Mom

Becoming a mother is one of the most emotional, exciting, and exhausting experiences a person will ever go through. There’s the blessing of a new baby or member of the family, which is incredible — but that also comes with tons of obligations and sacrifices. It’s a lot, which is all the more reason you should honor the new mom you know on Mother’s Day with a custom arrangement of carnations paired with baby’s breath. Carnations are hearty and won’t require too much fuss, while the baby’s breath is an homage to the new little one in her life — a perfect balance.

The Coffee Mom

The coffee mom is, predictably, seldom spotted without a cup of her favorite beverage in hand. Be it at a home game or at work, she relies on it to power through the day and conquer her to-do list. However, the coffee mom is most in her element when she can sit back and relax in her favorite breakfast nook, sipping on a steamy cup of java. Want to help her make that space even more inviting this Mother’s Day? Gift her with a bohemian bouquet of flowers featuring spray roses that she can display in a vase on her desk, which will immediately boost the vibe of her space.

The Plant Mom

Having plants in your home is good for your health, according to science. They purify the air, boost your mood, and add to the overall ambiance of a space. Naturally, plants require specialized care depending on their variety, something that the plant mom has mastered to a T. She provides the right light levels, has a precise watering schedule, and knows when it’s time to give her leafy babies a new home. So salute the plant mom in your life with a Mother’s Day gift that caters to her green tendencies. We suggest a flowering plant like an azalea, which will bring a pop of bright color into her plant family.

If there’s one gift that always hits the mark on Mother’s Day, it’s a custom bouquet of flowers tastefully arranged to suit your mom’s unique aesthetics. To help you manifest the right one, get in touch with us here at Welke’s Milwaukee Flowers — the best florist in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, guaranteed.