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Posted by Welke's House of Roses on March 25, 2021 | Last Updated: March 26, 2021 Recent News

The Best of Spring Florals to Refresh Your Home

Once the spring cleaning has been finished, take one more step and add some fresh spring flowers and plants to your home to brighten, lighten, and celebrate the amazing season of spring! Your friends here at Welke’s House of Roses, Milwaukee’s best florist, know the best spring florals for every room to refresh, rejuvenate, and revive your spirits and your abode.

Refresh Your Bedroom

Refresh your bedroom by removing dark and heavy winter items such as blankets, dark bedding, and dark curtains. It’s time to lighten up! Put up sheer curtains, place a light comforter with a floral print on your bed, and use light-colored or white sheets. Open the shades, clean the windows, and let the spring light in.

Refresh with Florals

Elevate your bedroom and turn it into a spring sanctuary with fragrant spring flowers. Place a colorful collection of spring’s best in a large vase on your dresser to make a beautiful statement. Or, place a smaller vase of scented florals on your bedside table to fall asleep breathing in their sweet scent. Having a large plant by the window is a great way to keep your bedroom air clean and purified. Other great selections for brightening up your room include:

  • Tulips: Vibrant, colorful, and captures the essence of spring
  • Peace Lily: Purifies the air and looks great doing it
  • Eucalyptus: A light earthy and minty fragrance relaxes and calms
  • Carnations: Cheery blooms that symbolize luck and joy

Reorganize Your Kitchen

Spring is the best time to de-clutter your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Toss expired foods and donate canned foods you will most likely never eat. Re-stock with healthy, light foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Reorganize with Florals

A clean kitchen is a great place to bring in fresh spring florals. Add green plants, too, for a pop of color and to keep the air healthy. The energy and refreshing vibes that spring flowers bring to this space will lighten your mood and promote healthy eating. Great kitchen flowers include:

  • Hyacinth: Colorful, joyful, and striking
  • Gerbera Daisies: Happy, fresh, and energizing
  • Daffodils: A top mood-boosting bloom with a sweet scent
  • Sunflowers: Fresh, sunny, vibrant, and full of energy

Refine Your Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a spring-like spa to promote relaxation and tranquility. The first way to achieve this is to clear off your bathroom counter of all unnecessary items. Declutter all drawers and cabinets and create a clean, open space.

Refine with Florals

Next, elevate your bathroom space with a few well-placed plants and florals. Plants bring a healthy vibe and look great in bathrooms as do colorful flowers. Just a single flower in a vase works wonders. Finally, add in few floral-scented soaps and bath bombs and your spring spa oasis is complete. Flowers for your bathroom:

  • Peonies: Add a touch of grace to the bathroom with this lush bloom
  • Hydrangea: Promotes calm and lifts your mood
  • Orchids: Elegant, exotic, and a symbol of refinement
  • Sweet Peas: Sweet and feminine symbol of gratitude

Take advantage of the season by bringing in a little bit of spring into your home. The fresh, full-of-life energy and colors of this great season are something we should all embrace and benefit from. For all of your spring floral needs, Welke’s is here to help.