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Enjoy Captivating Fall Chrysanthemums

The amazing colors and scents of autumn make decorating your house and garden fun. Captivating fall chrysanthemums provide traditional fall colors such as bronze, orange, gold, and yellow for all your decorating needs. Available in a range of colors, textures, and sizes, mums embody the essence of the fall season. The floral artisans at Welke’s Florist have some great ideas on how to incorporate these full, colorful into your indoor and outdoor decorations. Let us show you our favorite chrysanthemum designs.

Types of Mums

From spider mums, with their spindly legs and lacy, delicate design, to fresh, hardy daisy mums, these amazing flowers bring a fresh style to any garden or household decor. Available in a multitude of colors from fall bronzes and yellows to deep reds and sultry burgundys, these eclectic blooms always make a floral design pop. The daisy mums in our Sweet As A Daisy bouquet are an excellent example of how brilliant these blooms can be. Incurve mums, which have petals that curve up to meet one another and cover the center disk, take on a mysterious tone that can provide depth and intrigue to any fall look. The garnet and gold varieties featured in our Autumn Roads Bouquet brings the essence of fall straight to your doorstep.

Spider Chrysanthemums

Daisy Chrysanthemums

Incurve Chrysanthemum

Sweet As A Daisy Bouquet

Autumn Roads Bouquet

Chrysanthemum Plant

When To Plant Mums

There are so many varieties of mums that grow well in the Milwaukee area. Because of the harsh Michigan winters, planting mums in the spring is a necessity. Our Chrysanthemum plant in a woven basket is an excellent option for sprucing up your garden. Choose a sunny area that is partly sheltered from the wind and plant with other flowers or vegetables in an outdoor or container garden. The plants will grow and strengthen throughout the summer season and provide exquisite fall blooms for autumn decorations. To protect the plants through the winter, make sure to remove any flowers at the end of the season and cover with a layer of straw or mulch.

Whether you prefer soft colors and small flowers or bright blooms with large, showy flowers, Chrysanthemums are a great choice for your autumn decorating needs. Bring the glorious fall colors into your home with a beautiful floral arrangement from Welke’s Florist. Our expert designers are waiting to help make Chrysanthemums a standout part of your fall decorations both indoors and out.