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Green Plants That Thrive in Winter

Growing plants in winter can seem like a challenge. Many of the plants that thrive in warm weather will either perish at the first frost or if they are annuals they lose their beauty and wait out the cold weather to come back once spring weather returns. However, you will find that there are many beautiful green plants that grow just fine even in the coldest of temperatures. We’ve put together a guide to a few green plants you may want to consider adding to your garden to keep some beauty even in winter months.


  • Blue Spruce – Imagine enjoying a Christmas Tree like appearance in your yard all year round. Growing the Blue Spruce gives you just that. This is one tree that brings you and your family into the holiday spirit all year long. Plus, it is very hardy and easy to grow, which can be especially nice for those who are less-than-skilled in the gardening department.
  • Catmint – Lavender is a popular plant. It’s mostly green with a touch of the beautiful lavender flowers. Catmint is almost identical–but, much hardier. You can grow this nearly year-round in much of the United States. It is also very resistant to poor soil conditions, drought, and even deer! One thing to keep in mind is that you will not have the same smell that “real lavender” does.
  • Succulents – While succulents are indoor plants, by nature, they should make it through the winter just fine as long as you can find them a patch of sun to enjoy. If you get or give a succulent as a gift, spend some time researching how much sun your particular plant requires and do not over water the plant–this is one of the mistakes that many new succulent owners make.
  • Ivy – Most forms of Ivy, including the ever-popular English Ivy, are evergreen in nature. While they will usually die back a bit during the winter months, they will flourish again once the spring weather arrives. Some ivy will still have a bit of green showing in winter. One of the most important things about introducing ivy to your yard is to make sure it is not an invasive species. If you plan to add ivy to any outdoor environment, speak to a local gardening expert first and make sure you choose an option that will add to the natural beauty–not something that will possibly choke out the other plants in the area. You can, of course, always enjoy ivy in a floral arrangement
Christmas Cactus

Merry Christmas Cactus

Eye-catching kalanchoe plants sit side by side each blooming with either tiny red or white blooms amongst lush green foliage, accented with a vibrant ivy plant, shiny red glass holiday balls, and a multi-plaid red and green ribbon, whiled seated in a white woodchip woven basket.

Celebrate The Season Dishgarden

Real live plants make this basket a welcome gift for any home! It's perfectly suited for the season and will be appreciated even after the holidays.

Holiday Homecoming Basket

If growing plants in winter isn’t your thing (and who can blame you, Milwaukee winters can be brutal) why not check out the gorgeous arrangements that Welkes Florist has to offer? You can bring a touch of green (and even flowers) in your home year-round. Some of our favorite holiday options include our Merry Christmas Cactus, Celebrate the Season Dishgarden, and our Holiday Homecoming Basket. As always, if you have any floral questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to talking to you!