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Moms Deserve the Freshest Flowers – Here’s How to Get Them

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this year make sure you treat mom to only the best flowers to show how much you love and appreciate her. All of the inspiring mother figures in our lives from moms to grandmas, aunts, fur mommas, and mom friends deserve to be shown gratitude and admiration every day, especially Mother’s Day. So prepare to give only the best to the mom in your life by giving her high-quality, extraordinarily designed flowers. It’s what moms want! Here at Welke’s House of Roses, we are giving you the inside scoop on how to make this year one of the best Mother’s Days with fabulous fresh bouquets

Give Only the Best High-Quality Flowers

Surprise! The Freshest Flowers Can Not Be Found in a Gas Station!

During popular flower holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, grocery stores, convenience stores, and big-box stores have an area close to the entrance filled with bright and colorful flower bouquets at what seems to be great prices. But don’t be fooled. Just say “no!” to these blooms because they were most likely cut weeks ago and traveled in crowded, unideal conditions to look good in the stores, only to wilt and die a few days later.

How to Get the Best Flowers for Mom

Fresh blooms from a real florist shop are of the highest quality and will last much, much longer than grocery-store flowers. Visit, or call, a local, real, brick-and-mortar florist, and they can help you select the best quality blooms at the best price. Flowers found in a local florist shop come from the best farms, have the best quality and the longest vase life. High-quality blooms can last up to 3-4 weeks with the proper care. Local florists work every day to ensure their flowers are fresh, in top condition, arranged into beautiful, breathtaking designs, and delivered quickly and carefully. Floral designers have years of experience and skill and take pride in their creations and it shows in the gorgeous arrangements they make.

Unique and Lavish Arrangements

The bundles of flowers found in outlets other than a real florist are typically composed of just a few low-quality blooms and filler greens. Come on, now – you can do better than that! Moms deserve only the best – a skillfully designed arrangement by an expert in floral design that will blow her away. Often, the easiest and best choice when ordering flowers from a real florist is to select the “Designer’s Choice” option in which your recipient will be sent a jaw-dropping arrangement of beautiful blooms that is completely unique and original. You won’t find designs like from national online “flower shop” retailers, as these sites display cookie-cutter designs that lack flair and originality with the same designs available all across the U.S. Make sure the florist you order from has a real brick-and-mortar shop, and then check out their Lux or Designer’s Choice for the most amazing floral arrangements you’ve ever seen.

Top Customer Service

Florists work hard to ensure all their clients are happy and remain lifelong customers. Florist shop owners will go out of their way to ensure both the giver and receiver have the best floral experience possible. Don’t expect that from a 1-800 floral delivery service. Large online floral retailers take your order and source it out to one of their “partner” florists – for a fee! If there’s a problem with your order, good luck getting it taken care of in a timely fashion, or taken care of at all. Floral shop owners take pride in their products and in their customer service. If anyone can make miracles happen, they can.

Meaningful Words

Flowers carry significant meanings based on the type of bloom and the color, which is why sending flowers is a great way to express your feelings without using words. However, many recipients of flowers expect a note with a something special written on it. Florists are experts at composing notes to nail down the perfect sentiment. Often, you can find a collection of written messages on local florist’s websites, or prompted with a few suggestions during the checkout process, to help you create a lovely note to go with your flowers.

Something Extra

Most local florists also have a wide range of unique gifts or hand-made treats in their store and on their websites for when you want to include a little something extra with your floral gift. From candles to boxes of chocolates or sentimental tokens, check out the gifts section from your local florist for unique gift ideas. If you don’t see the right gift, you can always pair a floral bouquet with artisan baked items, her favorite wine or tea, a gift basket of various food items, or the best gift of them all — a flower subscription so she can receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers every month!

Ready to give mom only the best? Then check out our selection of gorgeous Mother’s Day blooms and unique gift items. We have everything right here to make sure the mom(s) in your life get the very best.