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Warm Your Heart & Your Home with Radiant Red Flowers

Are you looking for a way to add some warmth and color to your home this fall? Red blooms are a great way to add some festivity and brightness to a house in the colder months of fall. These beautiful blooms are a great way to brighten your own home or serve as a nice festive gift for family or friends. Our floral experts at Welke’s House of Roses, Milwaukee’s premier florist, have assembled a list of our favorite red plants for fall and why we love them.

Why We Love Red Flowers

Red is such a compelling color because it grabs our attention so quickly. This is because red is the most visible color the human eye perceives and is even the first color that can be seen by babies. The noticeable vibrancy of red has been utilized as the international color for stop signs and lights, and even appears in over three-quarters of the world’s flags. Red is surely a noticeable color.

Symbolism of the Color Red

Red is known in color psychology for being tied to powerful emotions like passion, anger, and love. This strong color is exciting and can help motivate us to act, boost our confidence, lift our spirits, and even increase our metabolism! This is because of red’s close ties to emotions like courage, danger, power, and strength. Red also has strong ties to sexuality and increased appetites (which is why it is so common in food advertisements).

Warm Reds vs. Cool Reds

Did you know that the different shades of red make us feel differently? Warm reds, such as reds with hints of yellow and orange in them, induce feelings of cheerfulness, joy, love, and energy. Cool reds, on the other hand (reds with hints of green, blue, and violet), convey feelings of peace, nature, and harmony. If you are looking to add some warmth to your home in these colder months, it is best to choose flowers with warm red hues.

Our Favorite Red Flowers For Warmth and Radiance


The amaryllis flower is a bright red bloom, remarkable for its large bell-shaped bloom. This flower is known for its symbolism of determination and strength, making it a great flower to brighten up your home.


Anemones are usually thin, delicate flowers like a poppy. This flower can vary greatly in size and color and is known for its symbolism of love and fragility.


This flower is known for its similar appearance to a daisy which has earned it its alternate name of the Michaelmas daisy. This beautiful flower is also known for its symbolism of undying devotion.


Attractive, elegant, and graceful carnations can symbolize adoration and admiration if they are light red or love and affection if they are a darker red.


While they come in a variety of colors, red chrysanthemums are known for representing beauty and joy. These amazing flowers have an interesting history going back thousands of years, making them classic blooms.


Nothing symbolizes love like a rose. This beautiful flower perfectly symbolizes love and romance and can have a nice variety of reds to pick from.

Our Favorite Red Blooming Plants


Seemingly the most prevalent plant during the Christmas holidays, poinsettia are a very popular winter plant steeped in the holiday spirit. Featuring bright red leaves alongside rich green leaves, a poinsettia symbolizes success, joy, and of course, the Christmas season!

Red-Blooming Holiday Plants Besides Poinsettias


Exotic and tropical, the anthurium is known for its broad, long-lasting, showy blooms. Instead of delicate petals, this blossom is made of large waxy leaves in a bright red color surrounding a beautiful yellow spadix. These unique and majestic plants represent happiness and hospitality.

Christmas Cactus

This rugged plant is long-lasting and produces many colorful flowers. The red Christmas cactus is known to represent love, warmth, protection, and grandeur.


A Kalanchoe plant is a succulent characterized by broad waxy leaves at its base and many small brightly colored flowers. Red Kalanchoes are symbolic of persistence and eternal love.


Symbols of joy and passion, bromeliads are tropical indoor plants that love the sun and usually have a single brightly colored center. Bromeliads make great alternatives to poinsettias for many occasions.

Winterberry Holly

A perfect symbol of winter time and the holiday’s winterberry holly is a wonderfully unique plant because its vibrant red color doesn’t come from its leaves or flowers but from festive little berries. These berries are great as decoration as well and can be harvested for wreaths, centerpieces, vases, and more!

Add a touch of nature to your holiday decor this year with festive red blooms that are sure to brighten your home with feelings of energy, excitement, and warmth. Find vibrant and festive red blooms for your home today!