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5 Fun and Simple Tips to Decorate the Front Porch for Fall

One of the best ways to make the most of fall is to highlight the beauty of the season by decorating your house in Milwaukee or Elm Grove. Create a welcoming and cheerful look with fun and festive design adorning your front porch, steps, and front door. You’ll boost your curb appeal and impress your friends, family, and neighbors with these fun and simple fall decorating tips from our design experts at Welke’s Florist.

1. Autumn Flowers

Mums and Pumpkins

We absolutely love potted chrysanthemums for indoor and outdoor autumn displays. They’re available in just about every color of the rainbow, including all the favorites for fall like red, burgundy, copper, gold, bronze, orange, and yellow. Plus, they’re in-season, so they continue blooming brightly until winter. Chrysanthemums are fall’s favorite flowers, but there are other hardy blooms that pair well with mums and bloom abundantly in the fall. We especially love marigolds, goldenrod, lantana, and kalanchoe! Whichever flowers you choose for your autumn display, be sure to bring them indoors before any frosty weather.


Bountiful Kalanchoe

2. Croton and Kale

Stately Croton

Fall flowers are only made more stunning when surrounded by deep, dark, leafy green plants. We especially love croton plants for their leaves that are mottled with red and yellow veins. These look stunning paired with bright mums and other blooms. For additional leafy texture, consider adding a few purple-green potted kale plants to your front porch display, as well.

3. Piles of Pumpkins and Gobs of Gourds

Fall Porch

Fall just doesn’t feel like fall without pumpkins. Be sure to include several of them (and gourds, too) in your home’s outdoor display. We recommend selecting a variety of different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to create visually dynamic groups. Pumpkin carving’s popular for creating jack-o-lanterns on Halloween, but your display will last through the entire season if you leave yours intact.

For a playful look, you can paint your pumpkins with fun patterns or designs. Consider using stencils to paint your pumpkins with festive pictures like cats or owls. Spray them with metallic gold or silver paint for a more elegant look or paint a few with your house numbers and stack them to help guests find your house with ease.

4. Toasty Textiles

Fall textile

Instead of putting your outdoor furniture into storage, warm it up with autumn pillows and warm blankets! Stack up flannel and wool blankets and put out plaid cushions and pillows. Snuggled up with a cup of hot apple cider, you can spend entire autumn days outdoors, enjoying the pretty scenery.

5. Front Door Fun

Fall-Decorated Porch – photo by Savvy Southern Style

The front door is the focal point of any outdoor autumn design. Be sure to highlight yours well. You can create a display of hospitality with freshly picked apples or go for a more traditional look with a floral wreath featuring miniature pumpkins, ribbons, pinecones, and acorns. If your door’s design can’t accommodate a wreath or hanging basket, you can still highlight your home’s entrance by draping an elegant garland of foliage or flowers above the doorframe.

Don’t Stop at the Front Door — Celebrate Autumn Inside!

There’s no reason the run has to end once you cross the threshold; bring the beauty of autumn inside with lovely floral arrangements and centerpieces created especially for fall. Fall flowers will brighten and warm your home throughout the season with the fiery colors of autumn. Look for fun floral accents or more elegant designs to anchor your dining table with a beautiful statement piece. To view our full selection of seasonal designs, we welcome you to stop by a Welke’s Florist showroom or browse our autumn flowers online today.