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Celebrate the Spirit of Halloween with These Scary, Strange Flowers

Happy October and autumn! At Welke’s Florist, we love October! We’re excited to watch the leaves turn, munch on candy corn, pick out Halloween costumes, and press play on a few scary movies. Our favorite way to celebrate all the seasons, however, is with flowers! This year, to get into the Halloween spirit, florists at our Elm Grove and Milwaukee locations are taking time to appreciate some of the weirdest, spookiest flowers on Earth.

Top 3 Wildflowers That Are Not Suitable for Picking

Hydnora Africana

If this spooky flower doesn’t make your heart race, then we’re not sure what will. Native to southern Africa, the hydnora africana is a subterranean flower that, like many monsters, lives its life almost entirely under ground. When it’s ready to reproduce, its monster-mouth flowers burst up from the dirt. They emit a foul odor that attracts pollinators like flies and dung beetles. When these insects land on the flower, it’s jaw-like petals snap closed and hold the insects captive for several days.

If this flower looks familiar, you’ve probably seen its likeness on t.v. It’s said to have inspired the plant character from “Little Shop or Horrors” and the monsters in “Tremors” and Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

Sumatran corpse flower - Titan Arum

Titan Arum

One of Sumatra’s native carrion plants, the titan arum gets its name from the Greek word for giant, though smelly giant’s more like it. Not only does this leviathan tower at up to 20 feet and expand 16 feet across when it’s in full bloom, but it also emits a powerfully strong stench. Titan arum’s odor’s designed to attract pollinators who enjoy feasting on dead animals. It’s described as smelling like a combination of chloraseptic, Limburger cheese, sweaty socks, feces, rotting flesh, and something sort of sweet.

Stinking Corpse Lily

Stinking Corpse Lily

Another carrion plant native to the Island of Sumatra, the stinking corpse lily is famous for its strong, offensive scent and its size. With individual blooms that can reach up to almost three-and-a-half feet from petal to petal, it’s the largest single blooming flower in the world. It features bright-red petals and lumpy, yellow spots, which give it the appearance of a plant from another world, like Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. Particularly unusual is the flower’s lack of roots, leaves, and stems. More a fungus than a plant, the stinking corpse lily resides inside host vines, where it parasitically feeds off the host’s nutrients.

Decorate Your Home with These October Favorites

It doesn’t take smelly, parasitic flowers to make festive floral Halloween decorations. In fact, we’ll argue any day that you’d be much better off selecting some of the more popular flowers to decorate your home this October.

Black Rose

Black Roses

It can be argued that no flower captures the spirit of Halloween quite like the black rose. A specter of its natural self, the black rose is artificially created using special dyes. Natural or not, they make the perfect floral arrangements for Halloween. All-black bouquets create an elegantly macabre atmosphere — perfect for a costumed dinner party. They also make a great impact at Halloween weddings. For a slightly more playful take on the black bouquet, we recommend incorporating orange and yellow blooms. You can adorn these arrangements with festive ribbons and glittery ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, or bats.

Orange & Yellow Chrysanthemums


Halloween flowers don’t have to be scary to be effective. If you prefer, you can focus on highlighting the fun, playful aspects of the holiday, instead. We recommend an autumn favorite, chrysanthemums. Usually displayed in festive pots, chrysanthemums traditionally represent cheerfulness and can easily create a welcoming front yard fall display. To ensure they stay healthy and vibrant throughout the season, be sure to bring them indoors before any frosty nights.

All the Floral Favorites for Fall

If you’re ready to decorate your home for autumn, October, or Halloween, you can find all your floral favorites and new designs created specially for the season at Welke’s Florist., such as our Spooky Sweet and Boo-tiful Bats bouquets.

Spooky Sweet

Boot-tiful Bats

Our flower experts will help you select the perfect potted plants and floral arrangements to match your decor themes and home. To browse our selection, visit one of our flower shop locations or order online today!