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Welke's House of Roses

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Crisp air, autumn leaves, comfy clothes, and football. These are the signs telling us Fall is here! Thereโ€™re so many reasons to be elated about this season…harvest festivals, warm fires, pumpkin-spiced drinks, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Fall is a terrific time of year! Here at Welke’s Florist, we especially adore autumn because of the stunning florals we get to work with. Yes, there are gorgeous fall-hued plants and florals that bloom only during this season, such as dahlias, mums, pansies, celosia, and more. Welcome the spirit of fall into your home with a striking arrangement of vibrant, fall flowers. Then, take a dive into some of our fall-related blog posts weโ€™ve collected for you to enjoy fall to the fullest!

5 Fun and Simple Tips to Decorate the Front Porch for Fall

One of the best ways to make the most of fall is to highlight the beauty of the season by decorating your house in Milwaukee or Elm Grove. Create a welcoming and cheerful look with a fun and festive design adorning your front porch, steps, and front door.

Enjoy Captivating Fall Chrysanthemums

The amazing colors and scents of autumn make decorating your house and garden fun. Captivating fall chrysanthemums provide traditional fall colors such as bronze, orange, gold, and yellow for all your decorating needs.

Fall Flowers Have Something For Everyone

The fall season brings about pumpkin lattes, cooler air, and leaves changing color on the trees. For the floral experts at Welkeโ€™s Florist, it means we get to roll out our beautiful fall collection.

Let The Gourd Times Roll: Make Your Home More Festive This Fall

Any excuse to break out those mums, ranunculus flowers, and celosia blooms is more than welcome at our flower shop. Because of this, you can be sure we decorate our homes as much as possible as the cooler weather and warmer hues grace us.

Celebrate the Spirit of Halloween with These Scary, Strange Flowers

Happy October and autumn! At Welkeโ€™s Florist, we love October! Weโ€™re excited to watch the leaves turn, munch on candy corn, pick out Halloween costumes, and press play on a few scary movies.

4 Decorating Tips For Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Fall is full of flowers, foliage, and, furthermore, food. By the time Thanksgiving comes around โ€” which is next week by the way โ€” youโ€™re well-versed in all things plaid, pumpkin, and pie. And then you get to do it all again next Thursday!